Meeting Camp Half-Blood
Ever wonder about the different jobs around Camp Half-Blood? With this blog series, you will meet a bunch of people around the camp, and learn about their lives and their jobs! In this fourth edition, Emrys will be talking to the Scroll Master of Olympian News, Lucienne Bellerose !

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Meeting Camp Half-blood

Lucienne Bellerose

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Hello for those that don’t know me I’m Emrys Fernandinho, welcome to World of Olympians and Camp Half-blood. Our blog series is about different staff members around Camp Half-blood. Many people have wondered about jobs and what they, do. We are with our very own Lucienne Bellerose Scroll Master of Olympian News.

Hello, Ms. Bellerose Thank you for meeting me. This is for new campers to get to know you and help other campers get to know some of the jobs around Camp Half-blood.

We'll warm up with getting to know you. How long have you been at Camp Half-blood?

Thank you for having me Ms. Fernandinho. I remember arriving here just a few weeks after I turned 8. One of my siblings came to get me once my first powers started showing, you see and have been here ever since. I had some off times when I went back to the mortal world for periods of times after I finished my training, but in the end, I always returned here

Who is your parent for the readers who don't know and in what ways did your abilities start showing?

My mother is Iris, you know, the one who keeps pranking us with colours and tries to claim children from other gods by marking them rainbow?

Yeah, her. According to my father, he noticed that my scrapes and bruises from playing around healed just a bit quicker than they should. I never got majorly injured as a child, so there was no real proof for him. But the first ability I showed for sure, was the eye colour changes. That awkward phase where you can't control your eyes from telling people what you feel like with their colour

Iris seems to have a lot of fun with us especially Arwen Brooke.

Do you have any favorite foods?

Ohhh yes, she has taken a great liking to Arwen especially. The amount of times she has been rainbow-ed is alarming, I'm honestly about to write her into my family tree at this point. I have many things I like but among my favorites for sure are always Lasagna, Cherries, Chocolate and chicken dishes.

I miss having Lasagna. I have a bunch of food that I like too; milkshakes, fruit cobblers and peanut butter.

What kinds of things do you enjoy at camp? Both when you were a camper and now that you are grown up.

Hmm... I know that as a child I love to read fairy tales, nothing was safe from me as long as it fell into that genre. I also often went out to explore the forest within the boundaries, I lived a pretty secluded life before the camp. Having so much open space was fascinating.

Now... well aside from writing and researching for articles, I still love to enjoy a good book in a cozy place with a nice drink. Occasionally when I'm in the mood, I try to cook fancy and new dishes for myself.

I love cooking; I try to help Alicia Moonshine when she bakes. Is there a particular person in your life? Or do your salmons and pets keep you busy?

The things she bakes, just not form this world. Is there a god in charge of baking? Very sure she is their kid.

I umm, yes? I mean there is. I'm seeing Azriel Galvan. It is a lot of fun with all the stuff we come up. Gosh I feel like a teenager all over again

I love my authors and my pets alike, with my job keeping me busy most of the time, they help me get the social interactions I need not to go insane. It cuts my time for reading and cooking and sometimes cleaning a bit short, but I wouldn't have it any other way

What do Salmons or authors do? Well at least for Olympian News not certain what Demigod Gossip does over there. I'll ask them next.

Salmons do.... THE SALMON DANCE!

No, I'm just joking sorry. They spy look around camp and keep their ears open for the latest news! Be it from mortal newspapers or news which is just too suspicious to be mortal, to right out gods declaring pranks! Once they have their story of the day, they send me their article for a final check before it is sent to all the demigods in camp!

What are your responsibilities as Scroll Master?

Aside from hiring and keeping salmons in check, I'm the final control point of all articles. I read them over for mistakes such as grammar and spelling and then I nicely wrap them into the newspaper format of Olympian News! Occasionally I also write articles, but they are usually not as frequent from my side.

Also, occasionally battle the Demigod Gossip Scroll Master

What kind of News do you look for at Olympian News?

Olympian News informs and tells demigods of the latest happenings. Be it events, warnings or just an update on situations.
Our motto is after all "See behind the obvious and find the truth"

so we don't just look at what we see but the reasons and stories behind it, sometimes being undercover for weeks.


If there is someone that is interested in being a Salmon or author for Demigod Gossip Olympian News, what would you suggest for them? I'm not looking for a job. There are others that might like to write, like new campers or bored ones

I would say, "go check out the clubs and get to writing that email!" If you are unsure about something you can always send an IM to me or Theodosia Barnes and ask away.
It never hurts to send an email, even when one thinks we are not hiring

Thank you for joining me. I'm glad for this opportunity to get to know you better.

Im glad you gave me an opportunity. It was fun.


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