Violently Victorious Variants
Welcome to the Violently Victorious Variants! This is a short story column where every month, we will have a different trio of demigods on a quest (or a demigod/group of demigods making their way to Camp Half-Blood). Each week will be a different monster, a different trial, or a different problem that our characters have to face. And sometimes, you'll just be left dangling by your fingertips off the edge of a cliff, and I do not apologize MWAHAHAHA!

- From : Celeste Grayson

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Evelyn Gold

Evelyn Gold Did they have cereal for breakfast????

Galena Lucia

Galena Lucia DEMETER?! Oh my goodness, I would have loved to see her. They're lucky! But I wonder what's gonna happen next...? <.

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