Meet Maisie!
Meet our wonderful Camp Director, Maisie McKinnon! She's a daughter of Hecate with a heart of gold and plenty of love for everyone!

- From : Cyrus Knightley-Brown

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Éowynn MacKenzie

Éowynn MacKenzie Who's that hottie?? It's our camp director! Love you Maisie!

Azriel Bellerose

Azriel Bellerose Best boss ever!

Esther Waters

Esther Waters Awesome post! Don’t forget how much we love you Mama Maisie!!

Yelena Zaltana

Yelena Zaltana Love you sister Maisie! <3

Phoebe Richards

Phoebe Richards Love ya, Maisie! Such a sweet blog that sums her incredible-ness up perfectly <3

August Jones

August Jones Ahhh Mama Maisiee!! <3

Shiloh Tompson

Shiloh Tompson *sends love and cookies to the best camp director*

Amaris Hart

Amaris Hart Love you Maisie!!

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