Living Life Like...Edition #004
Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to live like like some of the other campers here? Let Sae Rose give you an idea of what it's like to live in the life of some of the other campers!

- From : Justin Angelo

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Nina Woods

Nina Woods awh loved this! I certainly missed reading these, so it’s great to see you back at this Sae!

Onyx Blackthorn

Onyx Blackthorn IN my opinion, Theo seems like an artsy person IG. So maybe something in the field of art IRL?

Cecelia Huerta

Cecelia Huerta Fashion Designer, the man's amazing! Amazing article, Sae. :D

Brielle Castillion

Brielle Castillion Hmm I bet that if Theo could have an IRL job, he would be a sculptor! Or someone in the arts field, he's very artsy. Amazing work, Sae!

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