Wandering Demigod...gets free strawberries!
Welcome to Camp Half-blood, demigods! While you may be stuck here training until you're ready for a quest in the outside world, you'll certainly have a lot of fun adventures, activities, and memories within the camp. So put on your comfy shoes, and get ready to explore and get to know your new home!

- From : Harrick Myles

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Eileen Romero

Eileen Romero You get
love from Daphne! Lol but you also get a strawberry smoothie

Skylar Justin

Skylar Justin Strawberry leather >.>

Sam Areranno

Sam Areranno mmm a strawberry smoothie!

Luna Chaos

Luna Chaos strawberry smoothie

Charlotte Donalds

Charlotte Donalds A delicious strawberry smoothie!

Kidemonas Angelos

Kidemonas Angelos and my ears blasted with YMCA, thank you Daphne, you have made my day.

Kidemonas Angelos

Kidemonas Angelos Strawberry Smoothie, and Daphne's love XD

angela burns

angela burns Dried Strawberry Leather.

Evanora Niche

Evanora Niche Strawberry wine... Is that legal?

Charlotte Evergreen

Charlotte Evergreen strawberry smoothie

Etienne Garrel

Etienne Garrel asdfhjgl poor daphne forgot about alcohol... ;-; (also, one gift per person just to clarify ♡ if you picked out wine and are underage, you'll receive something err safer...or you can comment down another you've picked out ^^ )

Astro Jacobs

Astro Jacobs Better have no alcohol

Astro Jacobs

Astro Jacobs I got strawberry wine but I’m not allowed

Kelli Davenport

Kelli Davenport Actually I got strawberry wine first but I am not sure if I am allowed xD

Kelli Davenport

Kelli Davenport I got strawberry ice-cream uwu

Peter Jim

Peter Jim strawberry ice cream

Sophia Nelson

Sophia Nelson Wow cool I got a dried strawberry leather

Julia Devasia

Julia Devasia Strawberry wine! (better be non-alcoholic)

Connie Green

Connie Green hmm, interesting, i got a strawberry smoothie!

Scifi Percy

Scifi Percy And strawberry icecream thanks

Stellan Knightley-Brown

Stellan Knightley-Brown Strawberry Wine!! <3 (wait... I'm 15... is it non-alcoholic?)

Scifi Percy

Scifi Percy Strawberry smoothie thanks

Denis kim

Denis kim i just got strawberry wine and i am underage like big time XD

Talayn Weeks

Talayn Weeks Dried Strawberry Leather :D

Denis kim

Denis kim same

Viviana Anastasia

Viviana Anastasia dried strawberry leather

Winter Storm

Winter Storm strawberry ice cream

Emrys Fernandinho

Emrys Fernandinho Strawberry milkshake or smoothies

Callie Chapmen

Callie Chapmen I love strawberry ice cream! It’s my favorite ice cream in the world!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper I'm a little confused what this is but I love it so much. The coding is amazing, I got a smoothie!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper I got a strawberry smoothie owo. The YMCA music that blasted into my ears shocked me oml XD but lovely article, of course, as usual!

Allison Morgan

Allison Morgan dried strawberry leather . Meh i might figure out a way to use it as a weapon.

Wren Grey

Wren Grey Dried strawberry leather is not something I've ever eaten before... Sound delicious!

Skye Flutecourt

Skye Flutecourt Hm... strawberry smoothies sound good :3 another great blog, amazing work!

Max Wren

Max Wren Ice cream

Lauren Ken

Lauren Ken strawberry ice cream

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