Statuses 101
World of Olympians has so many cool statuses and we introduce to you, a new series called, Statuses 101! Each week we will take a look at a new status and dive into what it means to have a status.

- From : Jaret Donnelly

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Shay Goldberg

Shay Goldberg How do you become a hunter?

Natalya Moore

Natalya Moore Great article!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Great interview!

Padfoot Dally

Padfoot Dally Wow

Raven Johnson

Raven Johnson Awesome!

Kiah Rivera

Kiah Rivera This is a great article! Wow, the Hunters seem really cool... I've always liked the idea of working for Artemis! And of course any interview with Zofiya is bound to be a good one <3

Leo Callahan

Leo Callahan Awesome !!!

Ian Benson

Ian Benson Do me next! I never get interviewed :(

Amedeo Strumheller

Amedeo Strumheller This is a great read, I must say.

Mordred Stein

Mordred Stein Absolutely fascinating *pulls on tie and straightens it* There are some Hunters shall we say that struggle with the overwhelming urge to kill man.. I for one, am one of them. A fantastic article, and I do believe another gathering is due soon :)

Ruben Andrews

Ruben Andrews Awesome!

Anteia Evans

Anteia Evans Ooooh super cool! Can't wait to read the next one!

Nobel Pemberton

Nobel Pemberton YES JOIN THE HUNTERS BE A PART OF OUR LITTLE GROUP THERE'S A WHOLE FOUR OF US don't make me be the only smol one

Jessica Chase

Jessica Chase Amazing article!

Zofiya Yousuf

Zofiya Yousuf Thank you, Harrison! Join the Hunters!!!

Tonius Smith

Tonius Smith Now I want to be a Hunter of Artemis. the first male one of this generation perhaps

Lyrica Pallas


Ruby Gryffin

Ruby Gryffin Fabulous article! Interesting!

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