Lovely Tips for a Lovelier Relationship
Ever had problems with your relationship? Ever been broken up with, and you don't know why? If you answered yes, this article is for you, including relationship tips from a daughter of Aphrodite. So go ahead, read on!

- From : Lea Stamos




Hello one! Hello all! Welcome to the first edition of 'Lovely Tips for a Lovelier Relationship'. My first tip for you relationship newbies is to talk through your problems. I have the perfect example today, and that is Rubik! I helped these love birds get together, and now here they are giving you tips! But first, I think I should elaborate on what it really means to talk though your problems.


First off, most couples have arguments. It's nartural, don't worry about that aspect. If you really want to improve, try and understand why that happened in the first place! To all you introverts out there, figure it out with your significant other, not by yourself! If you don't have a significant other, go mingle! I personally reccomend the ship club...this is not a promo. I say that from experience. STILL don't trust me? I have some amazing folks that are about to tell you some super important things...

...But not now. First off, I want to explain how you should talk in a relationship. Whether it's a few problems you've been having, a bad day, a fight, or even just things you want to tell them, just tell them! Yes, again, very scary, right? Actually, no! Once you get it off your chest, you'll feel so much better. And if talking doesn't work, maybe you're not in the best relationship for your needs. In all honesty, that part is the hardest. Admitting you don't want to be with that person? That's tough. But once you realize that, it'll be so much better. That, I can promise.

Just because you feel alone, doesn't mean you are. Your partner might want to talk as well! Let them. It makes it easier for both of you. When you don't feel like talking, you don't have to talk. I of course, reccomend talking through anything you have problems with...but I am also an extrovert...hmmm. So get out there! Mingle! Have fun!

Yes, I know this may seem scary! But it really does help. If you still don't believe me, Ruby Davenport and Erik Brookstone (the shipees of Rubik) will give their insights!

Harper: Have you two ever fought?

Erik: There's not really anything to fight about, since we always talk about any issues we have.

Harper: Ruby, do you have anything to add to this?

Ruby: I don't think we have ever gotten into a fight, probably because we talk though everything! If we didn't talk through things, there definitely might have been a posibility of a fight.

Harper: So, getting straight to the point, why is talking so important in a relationship?

Ruby: It's important to talk in a relationship because if you don't communicate you know never know what's going on. You don't know if they are mad, or if something is wrong because you didn't talk to them.

Erik: Yeah, if you don't talk in a relationship, you'll enver know what issues they might have. I know I've talked to Ruby about some issues I've had in the past, to just try and reassure the relationship and make sure everything is okay.

Harper: Thank you both for this amazing input. If you don't mind I have one more awkward relationship question for you! Any final words?

Ruby: Be with someone because you want to be not because other people want you to be together. Also try to spend time with each other because that makes it all worth while.

Erik: I have nothing else to say, Ruby is the brains of this relationship!

Harper: Well okay then! Thank you both so much for your time, and I can't wait to see where Rubik goes!

And there you have it everyone! Yet another reason why you should listen to my advice! I hope that this helps, and I better see more relationships around camp...I'm watching. Before our time together ends, I have a few final words myself! First of all make sure you tune in next week for a new couple, and a new bit of advice! I hope you enjoyed this short, but sweet interview! Until next time ~








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Katherine Ellerby

Katherine Ellerby Great advice Rubik and Harper! So sweet!

Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters Adorable! #Rubik <3

Julianos Nightingale

Julianos Nightingale Cute!

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