Bi-Weekly Chuckles
Welcome to Bi-Weekly Chuckles! This blog will feature funny memes and PJO related humour. This is a blog that will use what you members of World of Olympian give me. This, involves you.

- From : Jaret Donnelly

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Mattie McLean

Mattie McLean omg this made me laugh sooo hard

Sophie Fox

Sophie Fox This is great!

Lunar Nightingale

Lunar Nightingale Oh wow

Caramel Raymons

Caramel Raymons Awesoome!! Love the series sooo much

Kaylee Lodge

Kaylee Lodge #AMAZING!!!!

Clio Eugenie

Clio Eugenie Loved this <3

Viviane Mallow

Viviane Mallow Luuuuv it!

Amelia Brown

Amelia Brown Love these, definite chuckle in there :)

Raina Blakeson

Raina Blakeson *snort*

Missing Camper

Missing Camper ahhh I love this

Adara Andrews

Adara Andrews Amazing. Keep up the good work

Adara Andrews

Adara Andrews

Maciej Swit

Maciej Swit UUUU yes! bring those Percy Jackson memes coming! :D

Cass Andrews

Cass Andrews This is hilarious! What a work of art!

Asriel South

Asriel South Masterpiece

shanon green

shanon green It's difficult to react without being able to use smileys so *inserts laughing emoticon here*

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