Wall of Shame shenanigans!
An insight of the Wall of Shame!

- From : Aimee Nightfall




The Wall of Shame.. The mythical wall that portrays all of management’s mistakes. These vary from coding mistakes, to miscounting staff members. During the upcoming couple of blogs, we’ll be focusing on some of these mistakes. And let me tell you, there’s quite a couple of good ones among them!


Of course, this blog is not meant to shame my fellow colleagues, it’s just merely meant to show all of you we are not perfect. We do make mistakes, and mess up sometimes too! This Wall is just meant to remind ourselves about this, and have a bit of a joke too. It’s been mentioned in chat before, and I know some of you really want to know what kind of mistakes we make. To be honest, we’re a bunch of idiots sometimes, and make the stupidest mistakes yes, even I’m one of those people.


At this moment the Blackbourn Sisters are queens of the Wall of Shame. Camp Director Angela Blackbourn has been listed a total of 4 times! But, as I said before, Angela hasn’t been the only queen of the Wall of Shame. Her younger sister, Esme Blackbourn, is mentioned on the wall four times as well. One of which was a combination of three shameful mistakes in one evening! I do believe that means she should be listed a total of 6 times. They are also the two people we’ll be discussing in this very first blog post!


I imagine you might be wondering what the two women did to get on this Wall of Shame so many times. Well, it all started off with Angela earning her place twice during the first year. The very first reason she was put on this wall and most likely also the reason why we started this glorious Wall of Shame was the fact that Angela managed to fire herself, and me as well. She also called Head of Clusters Cabin Leaders, and the Cabin Leaders were Cluster Leaders in her head. Now, we understand you get confused and mess the names up, but Angela.. We really don’t have a job called Cluster Leaders for as far as I’m concerned?


Only one week after these mistakes, Angela earned her place on the Wall of Shame once again. This time, she managed to actually ban herself. She was unable to log in, until somebody unbanned her. How she did it is unclear until this very day, but she did give us a good laugh for her actions. The very same week, Angela also meant to send an IM to a camper. But instead of doing this from her adult account, she somehow sent this IM while logged in to her student account! I can only imagine how confused this certain camper must have been..


Fast forward to Year 2, Week 11. This week was a week where both Angela and Esme messed quite some things up. In fact, Esme even earned her spot on the Wall. thrice! It all began when Angela tried to edit the pretty frontbox, showing off with her amazing coding skills. One thing she forgot about, was to end her attributes, which resulted in a very odd version of the website:




Esme was very impressed by this glorious mistake, and tried to recreate this. Luckily I was asleep and had no involvement in the chaos the two women were causing. But, instead of editing the frontbox, she initiated a deploy for an update for the website! Luckily, this wasn’t such a big mistake, and no big changes happened unexpectedly. Unfortunately, Esme didn’t stop there. As she was working on a notice board post for her very beloved Nature cluster, she accidentally pasted the whole code into the chat, filling it all up with confusing letters and phrases. After deleting this insanely long message, she decided to not only post the code in a notice board, but also send a nice IM to her whole cluster. Please do keep in mind her cabin was Nature! She actually sent this to the Force cluster instead! I think Esme should’ve gone to bed earlier, which may have prevented this series of mistakes.


I could honestly go on and on about the amazing mistakes these two women make. Despite their failures, they’re absolutely lovely women, who’ve both contributed so much to the website. Without their help and input, World of Olympians would’ve been a dull, boring website. They keep this website alive with their presence and kind auras. Let’s hope they’ll both stick around for a very very long time! ♥


Tune in next time for another focus on the Wall of Shame!

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Katherine Ellerby

Katherine Ellerby Hey I remember this. I couldn’t stop laughing when it happened.

Taylor Favor

Taylor Favor Son of a biscuit I can't delete or edit my comment. I meant Dang lol

Taylor Favor

Taylor Favor Smh. Those dand Blackbourns

Celestine Ricaforte

Celestine Ricaforte Wall of Blackbourns xD

Azriel Bellerose

Azriel Bellerose *fingers crossed he never makes this list*\

Ender Wulf

Ender Wulf Sigh.

Lilah Williams

Lilah Williams wow

Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters Hehehe I remember this XD

Melbourne Auclair

Melbourne Auclair Oh my gods xD Those mistakes are awesome. I couldn't stop laughing

Zofiya Yousuf

Zofiya Yousuf I cannot stop laughing xD

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