Wall of Shame shenanigans!
An insight of the Wall of Shame!

- From : Aimee Nightfall

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Katherine Ellerby

Katherine Ellerby Hey I remember this. I couldn’t stop laughing when it happened.

Taylor Favor

Taylor Favor Son of a biscuit I can't delete or edit my comment. I meant Dang lol

Taylor Favor

Taylor Favor Smh. Those dand Blackbourns

Celestine Ricaforte

Celestine Ricaforte Wall of Blackbourns xD

Azriel Bellerose

Azriel Bellerose *fingers crossed he never makes this list*\

Ender Wulf

Ender Wulf Sigh.

Lilah Williams

Lilah Williams wow

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Hehehe I remember this XD

Melbourne Auclair

Melbourne Auclair Oh my gods xD Those mistakes are awesome. I couldn't stop laughing

Zofiya Yousuf

Zofiya Yousuf I cannot stop laughing xD

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