Meeting Camp Half-Blood
Ever wonder about the different jobs around Camp Half-Blood? With this blog series, you will meet a bunch of people around the camp, and learn about their lives and their jobs! In this second edition, we will be talking to the Assistant Camp Director, Esme Blackbourn!

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Written by: Emrys Fernandinho

Meeting Camp Half-blood


Hello for those that don’t know me I’m Emrys Fernandinho, welcome to World of Olympians and Camp Half-blood. Our blog series is about different staff members around Camp Half-blood. Many people have wondered about jobs and what they, do. We are with our very own Esme Blackbourn . She has worn a couple of hats during my time at camp. Currently, she is the Assistant Camp Director.


Hello Miss Blackbourn . I remember you were one of the first people that I met when I got to camp, and you helped make me feel welcome, thank you for that. This article is to help new campers get to know you a bit. I'm going to ask about what you do at camp and things about you. “I never thought to ask this until this moment. Are you and Angela sisters?


Angela Blackbourn and I are Indeed siblings! As well as someone named Joshua Blackbourn. And thanks for interviewing me. I’m glad I made you feel loved and welcomed cause you’re amazing <3 I’m honored. I don't have any full siblings, but I have a bunch of half-siblings that love me. Would you like to tell our readers who you are? I don't have any full-siblings either.. I was actually adopted by Angela and Joshua's father. But I didn't know until my Father Apollo had claimed me.

Oh! About me. Okay! My name is Esme , I'm 25 years old and used to be the Head of Nature! Eventually, though, my sister Angela needed my help, and I became the Assistant Camp Director which is what I do today. I don't want to ramble unless you want me to haha.


I get rambling too especially with certain subjects. I have a note to ask later about the two jobs. For now, what do you do for fun?

Oh! Okay!

Hm... I guess I play Piano and sing. I've started the possibility of seeing this one guy again, so whenever I get the chance, and he does, we try to hang out. Sometimes we'll train... sometimes we'll just talk. So I guess hanging out with people is the most fun I have.


Is the guy anyone we might know? Do you have a guilty pleasure? Food, movie, running on the beach barefooted? That last one is one of mine. I don't do it if it's cold though.


Haha, I'm pretty confident you know who. It's Leo Callahan. I think a guilty pleasure of mine would be eating baked potatoes while watching chick flicks... I'm pretty normal... but walking in nature is definite as well.


Oh yeah, I know of him I'm going to meet with him later I think. I like walks in nature mostly by the lake at night. I shouldn't have said that.

Right, where was I?
How long have you been at Camp? I know you were Head of Nature and now an Assistant Camp Director Have you had other jobs?


Haha. Who knows what you will get from him! And Nature walks in the night are so beautiful... the stars are wonderful.

I have been at camp since I was a child technically. I got to attend here in the old days before we revamped the entire camp. As for Staff Jobs, I've only had those two. I started out immediately as Head of Nature (Which I admit, I miss so much but Cel is doing so amazing) and eventually went to Assistant Camp Director. It's been super fun.


What are some of your responsibilities as Director or Assistant Director?


A lot of my responsibilities as Assistant Camp Director is making sure the Instructors have their lessons ready and helping them whenever they need it. When they're sick, I'm able to fill in. Then, I work very closely with my sister and help her with whatever she needs. Sometimes I help plan some fun events, sometimes we'll plan tournaments. Our job is more behind the scenes. We like to try to keep the peace, and we solve any issues among staff or students. There's a lot that we do together, it's pretty crazy sometimes, especially lately.


"You have a contest coming up. Do you have anything you are free to share about other upcoming events? My investigator is coming out " Emrys chuckled "must have been a reporter or something in another life."


hehehe. We do have our long-awaited status competition coming out. I can't say much about the details as we're still figuring out some of the quirks, but it will involve roleplay, and quite a few people have the option of earning a status. We're also planning a lot for next camp year... it's definitely going to be... interesting. Our goal is to try and do new things, things that other sites might not have done or been able to because our story is different.


I enjoy our story. I look forward to what you have planned for next year. Is there anything I didn't think to ask, that you want to share with the campers?


Hm... I just hope they know that they genuinely are my family and that I'm always there for them, even if I can't be online every single second. The campers are so amazing, and everyone is doing such a great job! They should be proud of all they've accomplished, and it's been cool to see how hard they train. I love you <3


Thank you for your time and help with this. I had a lot of fun interviewing you.


Thank you, Emrys ! It was lovely to be able to talk to you and hang out with you


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Kosma Elias Is World of Potter down? I was wondering because I can't get in and neither can anyone else.

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Lea Stamos Awesome code credits to The Demigod Gossip! :D

Angela Blackbourn

Angela Blackbourn This is lovely! Great blog Emrys! (( baked potatoes while watching chick flicks? Really Esme? That's where all the potato on the couch comes from???? ))

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