Meeting Camp Half-Blood
Ever wonder about the different jobs around Camp Half-Blood? With this new blog series, you will meet a bunch of people around the camp, and learn about their lives and their jobs! In this first edition, we will be talking to the Marketing Master, Lea Stamos.

- From : Lea Stamos



December 2018
Written by: Emrys Fernandinho

Meeting Camp Half-blood


Hello for those that don’t know me I’m Emrys Fernandinho, welcome to World of Olympians and Camp Half-blood. Today we are starting a blog series about different staff members around Camp Half-blood. Many people have wondered about jobs and what they, do a I’m starting with our very own : Lea Stamos she is in charge of Marketing and is my awesome new boss.

Emrys Fernandinho "Would you please explain who you are and how are you enjoying things at Camp Half-blood?"

Lea Stamos smiled softly "My name is Lea Stamos and I am the new Marketing Master at Camp Half-Blood. I’m enjoying the camp quite a lot, actually. I feel very lucky to have been welcomed by so many wonderful people. It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know everyone, and this place is really starting to feel like home."


EKF"That is great. Camp has become a home to me hope it'll do the same for you as well. First we'll warm up with some "get to know you" things. What are your sweats and t-shirt comfort food?"


L.S. "Well thank you very much, dear." Lea Stamos tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she carefully thought. "Hmm, that is an excellent question. I have to say that my favorite comfort food is Macaroni and Cheese"

EKF"Mine is grilled cheese and tomato soup with tomatoes and basil in it. Next question; what do you like doing in your spare time?"

L.S. "Oh, that sounds delicious! I guess I know what I’ll be trying out for dinner later.” Lea Stamos chuckled. “As for what I like to do… I like to do a great many things, all depending on my mood. But generally, you can find me reading a book or horse riding.”

E.K.F. "What would be a good theme song for you?"

L.S. . "I think Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen would be a happy theme song to have" she smiled.

E.K.F.” I don't know a good song for me think I'd go Born this way by Lady Gaga and Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest "

" Harder question: what Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of Marketing? "


L.S. "Those are both lovely songs" Lea complimented, before slightly straightening up at the mention of a more serious question.


"Well when it comes to Marketing, it’s important to stay on top of a list of things, which include: writing up new posts for the Camp’s blog and social media outlets, finding new team members and making sure that everyone is doing their job.

It also involves planning for future fun activities and competitions for the campers to participate in. It’s all a lot of work, but it doesn’t feel strenuous as it is all a lot of fun.

Since you are part of the marketing team as well, how are you enjoying it?"

E.K.F."Initially when I was hired I was lost and terrified but that was before you came aboard. I had a bunch of ideas and without knowing what to do with them or getting feedback about them I honestly worried they weren't liked and maybe ummm fired or something because it. You seem to like my crazy ideas. That has helped me get excited to share them. Sorry I ramble when I get excited. Where were we?"

"What do you see as our biggest challenge in Marketing? "

L.S. "I’m glad that you’ve found a new excitement for Marketing. My goal is to encourage my team members to let out all of their creativity. But as for the biggest challenge when it comes to Marketing, I would have to say it’s trying to generate a constant flow of attention and traffic towards the site.“

E.K.F.What kinds of things would help create that flow for Camp Half-blood? Helping future campers find their way here.

L.S. "The most important thing we can do is to advertise ourselves in a fun and interesting way that will influence others to come to see what our camp is all about. Hopefully, then it will create a flow of new campers, who tell others to come to check out Camp Half-blood."

E.K.F."What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role? Say someone was interested in working in Marketing. or *coughs* is already in Marketing and wants to impress their boss."


L.S. smiled "I think a good candidate for Marketing has to work well with others, be able to think outside the box and maintain communication.”


E.K.F."Can you think of anything I should have asked or you want to tell our readers?"

Lea Stamos paused "I just wanted to finish the interview off by saying how proud I am of the Marketing Team. They are a group of fun, kind, hard-working people and I'm very lucky to have them on board. The team is always looking for new members to come and join us." she smiled.

E.K.F." Thank you for your time and helping me with this interview"

(A special thanks to Arwen BrookeAngela BlackbournLea Stamos & Alma Orchid for teaching me and helping with the coding. )

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Arwen Brooke

Arwen Brooke Nice job Emrys. ^^

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Alec Sworder Nice interview

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Jack Frost Cool interview; I look forward to seeing more.

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Sadie Horin Wonderful interview Emrys!

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Viktor Barnes Awesome work, Emrys! I look forward to more interviews!

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Zofiya Yousuf Great interview!

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