Meet Adeline!
Staff Posts! STAFF posts! And....StAFf pOsTS! We're back at it and finishing up with the Instructors of our camp who's job is to educate our young campers on the diverse subjects they teach!

- From : Cyrus Knightley-Brown

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Éowynn MacKenzie

Éowynn MacKenzie The part when you realize that you have teach some of the staff xD best instructor!

Esther Waters

Esther Waters We love you Ade, and your classes too!!

Lia Tucker

Lia Tucker Well done Adeline!

Alexander Sutherland

Alexander Sutherland We love Ade!

Stellan Knightley-Brown

Stellan Knightley-Brown Damn, you've been teaching almost longer than I've been alive, Ade!! So cool!!

Frieda Konietzko

Frieda Konietzko OOOH Adeline, do you know Adeline?? ;) dnwjksk I love the ferrets u.u

Adeline Rome

Adeline Rome Wow, she seems like she might be the coolest person ever.

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