Getting to know the gods
We all know about the Olympians and how they came to be in power, but have you ever wondered who some of the other gods are?

- From : Jaret Donnelly






Homer, Odyssey 5. 291 ff (trans. Shewring) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) :

"[Poseidon] massed the clouds, clutched his trident and churned the ocean up; he roused all the blasts of all the Anemoi (Winds) and swathed earth and sea alike in clouds; down from the sky rushed the dark. Euros (East Wind) and Notos (South Wind) clashed together, the stormy Zephyros (West Wind) and the sky-born billow-driving Boreas (North Wind)."


The Anemoi, the Greek gods of the wind, have always provided towards the world of the living. They bring on their backs the warmth of summer breezes, kissing the faces of children as they play. They bring the gentle snows of winter which lay softly over rooftops like blankets of thick cotton, their cold nip welcomed by some. Yet the Anemoi are not always kind, for with their hands they can bring destruction. They can pelt down towards the earth like the hoofprints of a thousand horses, ripping trees from their century-old resting points, wailing and groaning as they let their anguish out amongst the world of the mortals.


One such god is Eurus. Eurus is known first and foremost as the southeast wind, associated with the autumn transitional period between warm summers and bitter winters. Eurus is often known as the Eastern wind, also, with a clash in beliefs stemming from mythological interpretation. Some claim that he is the unlucky wind, one which signifies the start of bad luck. When Eurus arrives, misfortune can follow.




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Tyler Knot

Tyler Knot This was very Interesting, I like how you chose Anemoi, I didn't know a lot about them

Ana Summers

Ana Summers Good job fun to read

Leo Rallison

Leo Rallison I like how you chose the Anemoi that was the least featured in the Percy Jackson series. Well done!

Anteia Evans

Anteia Evans Awesome to read!

Zofiya Yousuf

Zofiya Yousuf Eurus...interesting

Vivienne Song

Vivienne Song *Xalvador*

Vivienne Song

Vivienne Song Huh. This is cool! Well done Savitar!

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