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Welcome to Camp Half-blood, demigods! While you may be stuck here training until you're ready for a quest in the outside world, you'll certainly have a lot of fun adventures, activities, and memories within camp. So put on your comfy shoes, and get ready to explore and get to know your new home!

- From : Harrick Myles

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Sam Areranno

Sam Areranno I lost to red 29-8. Guess I'll try next time!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Update: Nicolle really went and trained for 24 hours straight until she finally beat the computer. Dedication

Bella Charm

Bella Charm AHHH opponent's got 13 points already D: But great article! I really like it :3

Lights Lotus

Lights Lotus the opponent is a nike kid im sure of it

Cordelia Stone

Cordelia Stone after so many tries, I give up ;-; (it's an amazing article, I love it) <333333

Sophia Nelson

Sophia Nelson I honestly lost interest in the game after losing to red by 22-0. But awesome article! I luff this, Daphne! This series is by far my favorite!

Aiyana Otherson

Aiyana Otherson Gah! Red is too good a player, how unfair. This is rigged xD Anyways, great article Daphne! I'm loving this series.

Nicolle Diamandis

Nicolle Diamandis Yea.. after losing by 30-0 I guess I'm not the best voleyball player ;-; Anyways, lovely blog Daphne!

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