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World of Olympians has so many cool statuses and this week on Statuses 101, we shall explore the status of Photokinesis!

- From : Jaret Donnelly



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Welcome back to Statuses 101! I'd have to say, Riptide is pretty cool! It certainly is nice to have a weapon that you can never lose... haha. I need something like Riptide. But now, we have a new status that's quite fascinating as well... did you know we have someone at camp that can control light and make laser beams? Yes, I'm blaming this person for those holes in my shoes...


Photokinesis is the psychic ability for one to control light. Photokinetic users can bend, focus, scatter and manipulate light to various effects. Yes, this even means making tiny laser beams! This is a dangerous, yet unique status. Nobody here can explain this status well enough except for...


Esme Blackbourn!



This status allows the user to shine a beam of light, just like what a flashlight would! This is extremely helpful during fights. You can blind people with minimal effort! Haha... I certainly hope I'm not the one getting blinded by brain controlled light.


One of the coolest things about this status is, the users can temporarily make themselves invisible! Although they can't do this for a very long time, don't you think this is awesome! Goodbye, invisibility cap!


1. How does photokinesis work?

Photokinesis is the mental and physical ability to control light. I am able to create beams of light as well as basically shoot light lasers at things. I can blind people and become a human flashlight as well as become invisible for a short period of time. What's cool with my photokinesis is that I don't need a lot of light around me in order to create it. I'm able to focus more easily on creating light from nothing and molding the photons around me to create brightness. It's hard to fully explain how it works as it's full of science that would probably go above your heads. It's a cool power though.


2. What do you like most about being photokinesis?

OOOO, that's a tough one. I really like the fact that I naturally have this glow around me as I think it's pretty exciting... but, I think the thing I like most is the fact that I can control it I guess? Not many people can and to be able to, is such a blessing from my father. I love being able to create light out of nothing. When it is dark and my friends need light, I am able to help in that way by providing light, so not only is it used as a tool, but it can also be used as a weapon and to me that is just super cool.


3. Would you trade your ability for something else? If so, what?

If anything... maybe healing? While I do love photokinesis and I have a slight ability in healing, I would love to have a stronger ability for healing. I'm someone who loves helping people and I love being able to save someone if needed. However, I still believe photokinesis is one of the coolest powers and besides healing I would never trade it for anything else.


4. Tell me something interesting about your ability.

Part of me wants to say that the whole ability is interesting... butttt... I'll give a story. When I was younger and had just discovered this rare ability... I remember testing it out on my sister Angela. I tried to make a very small light in my hand to light up the dark room... but I ended up focusing a bit too hard and losing control, a streak of light flying through the air and into her face. She literally could not see for days and I remember how she told me I would regret the day... eventually she got me back. It was hilarious though! Well... now it is. Sometimes I still have to make myself invisible when she's walking by so she won't try to prank me or something.


Ahh, you're making me jealous, this status is so cool! I'd do anything to be able to shoot lasers with my eyes! And maybe... just maybe it'll help me get rid of my fear of the dark. I mean what? Thank you so much, Esme! You shine a whole new light on this status. No pun intended.


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Anteia Evans

Anteia Evans Amazeballs

Gwyneth Adelaide

Gwyneth Adelaide Innnnntereeeesting..... does that mean I'll need Esme-glasses now?

Amedeo Strumheller

Amedeo Strumheller Interesting! Great article :)

Andromeda Morgan

Andromeda Morgan Ooh fun! Lucky Esme xD

Emmery Jackson

Emmery Jackson excellent article Harrison! :D

Zofiya Yousuf

Zofiya Yousuf Oooh now I know who can help when I lose my flashlights

daria starlighter

daria starlighter how do i join a match of capture the flag it sounds really fun id love to join

Vivienne Song

Vivienne Song Aha great article Harrison!

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