Meeting The Minor Gods
We all know about the Olympians and how they came to be in power, but have you ever wondered who some of the other gods are?

- From : Jaret Donnelly


Meeting the Minor Gods

Hello Campers, and welcome to the third edition of Meeting the Minor Gods! We all know about the Olympians and how they came to be in power, but have you ever wondered who some of the other gods are? Today we will be learning a little more about The Horae!



The Horae are the goddess of the seasons and the natural progression of time. There are several different groups of Horae:

The first three are sisters, and the daughters of Zeus and Themis, the Titaness of divine law.

  • Eunomia: goddess of good order and lawful conduct

  • Dike: goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order

  • Eirene: goddess of peace and the essence of tranquility

The second Triad of goddesses were in charge of growth, development, and the stages of life, particularly of Flora.

  • Thallo: ‘The one who brings the blossoms’ she is the goddess of blooms and the protector of youth and innocence.

  • Auxo: ‘The increaser of plant growth’ she is the goddess of vegetation, plants, and fertility.

  • Carpo: ‘The one who brings the food’ she is the goddess of the harvest, and the guardian of the earth

The third Triad of Horae consist of the following:

  • Pherusa: Substance

  • Euporie: Abundance

  • Orthosie: Prosperity

The Horae of the four seasons are the daughters of Helios, the Titan of the sun, and Selene, the Titaness of the Moon.

  • Eiar: Spring

  • Theros: Summer

  • Phthinoporon: Autumn

  • Cheimon: Winter

There is a final set of Horae that govern over the distinct hours of the day. The hours run from just before sunrise to just after sunset, thus winter hours are short, summer hours are long.

  • Auge: first light

  • Anatolia: sunrise

  • Mousike: the morning hour of music and study

  • Gymnasia: the morning hour of training and exercise

  • Nympha: the morning hour of ablutions and bathing

  • Mesembria: noon

  • Sponde: libations poured after lunch

  • Elete: prayer, and the first of the afternoon work hours

  • Acte: feast and pleasure, the second of the afternoon work hours

  • Hesperis: evening, the final of the afternoon work hours

  • Dysis: sunset

  • Arctus: night sky

Written by Jaret Donnelly

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Sam Mcarthy

Sam Mcarthy Wow! Well done Jaret

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Lunia Madison I only thought there was 1 set of Horai, so this was really interesting

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Katniss Kat I waiting for something like this. Good job!

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Nella Libitina Noice!

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Alexandra Ranger This is SO cool!

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Caspian Langdon This is a really cool article! Very VERY informative

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