Bi-Weekly Chuckles
Welcome to Bi-Weekly Chuckles! This blog will feature funny memes and PJO related humour. This is a blog that will use what you members of World of Olympian give me. This, involves you.

- From : Harrick Myles

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Alexandra Light

Alexandra Light Amazing!

Teddy Oswald

Teddy Oswald Omg xD I needed this today. That first one tho- accurate!

Lyn Chase

Lyn Chase Amazing

Tiana Stone

Tiana Stone great job. if u need any help im me

Olivia Reeds

Olivia Reeds Haha these were hilarious!

Sophia Nelson

Sophia Nelson Woah! Now, those memes? they were hilarious xD I fell over, laughing. Great job, Oaklin, for putting this together and to those who submitted : Those were some seriously funny memes! I really love this series ^^

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