Living Like... A Spotlight Series
Living Like... is a post series where users on-site can volunteer to be the subject for each edition! In each one, we present a few facts about the user, ask them some questions, and then ask everyone to come up with a scenario for them in the comments - for example, What do you think their worst fear is and why? or What is the most embarrassing situation you think they have been in? We will give three shoutouts in the next edition - one for the comment I liked best, one for the comment the user liked best, and one for the comment that is closest to the truth.

- From : Harrick Myles

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Theorendon Castellanos

Theorendon Castellanos Krishna would like to clarify that she loves me "very platonically" :'/

Harlan Crawford

Harlan Crawford OR Leo Rallison

Harlan Crawford

Harlan Crawford Ok- first thing that popped into my mind was Patrick Kraw- But he's old and with Isabella so maybe... I'm guessing a woman of some kind. XD Um- WAIT Theo? Not a woman but he's within a reasonable age range... Sus very sus

Sophia Nelson

Sophia Nelson Great blog, Sae!

Sammy Chase

Sammy Chase lovely Blog!!!

Maciej Swit

Maciej Swit yay! Arts and Crafts!

Lilith Shine

Lilith Shine This is awesome blog :O <3

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