Battle of the Gods: Greeks vs. Romans
We all know about the Olympians and the other Greek gods, but have you ever wondered about how they are different from the Roman gods?

- From : Harrick Myles

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Claire Reggerd

Claire Reggerd Love it!

Ender Evans

Ender Evans Crazy!!!

Lilith Shine

Lilith Shine Wow! Amazing job with telling about these two goddesses! They definitely have differences, but also similarities!

Alyssa Chase

Alyssa Chase Amazing, this is awesome! Nice to see that Athena (and Minerva) get a bit of the recognition they need, despite their differences.

Dianna Polyta

Dianna Polyta Amazing writing

Japeth Sader

Japeth Sader CAN YOU DO HADES AND PLUTO NEXT? (sorry didn't realize it was in caps until done)

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Ahhhhh amazing writing!!!

Amy Winchester

Amy Winchester Noah this is so good! I loved this! <3

Shantele Odannle

Shantele Odannle I loved this one! I think one huge Greek and Roman difference is Minevera and Athena so great job! :D

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