Troy's Travel Corner
Have you ever felt the strong urge to go on vacation? Have you ever wanted to see new places and experience new things? Troy’s Travel Corner is a blog dedicated to giving you a taste of different parts around the world to inspire your next vacation. For the second edition, we will be traveling to Quebec!

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Alec Stanford

Alec Stanford QUEBEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't saw you there Troy *wink* you should have visit me ;-P

huggy smith

huggy smith great

Angela Blackbourn

Angela Blackbourn This was a great read! Love it Lea!! ♥ (it's sooooo pretty!!!)

Sarabeth Heussaff

Sarabeth Heussaff poutiiiine

Amedeo Strumheller

Amedeo Strumheller This is surprisingly aesthetically pleasing.

Zofiya Yousuf

Zofiya Yousuf Wow this looks great!

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