Halloween Bingo!!!

- From : Cassandra Escarra

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Kovack Watcher

Kovack Watcher woohoo.

Liana Amaryllis

Liana Amaryllis So fun! I look forward to this

Jackie Bradley

Jackie Bradley And I just realized that my first comment on here was able to check off another box on this!

Andrew Fedorov

Andrew Fedorov soo doing this

Whittnee Terradora

Whittnee Terradora quick question: for the tell a staff member squares should we IM them, tell them in the chat, or do a wall post?

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Yes!!!!

Whittnee Terradora

Whittnee Terradora so excited about this!! already bought a ton of halloween stuff. time to get spooky!

Willow Umalee

Willow Umalee I just wanted candy :(

Ezio Mercer

Ezio Mercer As soon as I saw this I emptied the bank and went nuts. now I own an unholy amount of halloween stuff.

Theodor Riven

Theodor Riven Hallowweeeeeeeeen😍😍😍 best holiday!

Wren Delante

Wren Delante Ooh this is such a good idea!

Cassandra Escarra

Cassandra Escarra @Nix Nereus A glitter bomb is a great suggestion of a trick gift!

Celestyna Lockhart

Celestyna Lockhart Can't Wait!

Nix Nereus

Nix Nereus What is considered a trick gift? A glitter bomb? Does it actually go off? That would be hilarious.

Aethra Miles

Aethra Miles Good luck loves <3

Ivory Savora

Ivory Savora omg I love this

Echo Berne

Echo Berne Great idea! :D

Felix Lopez

Felix Lopez This looks like fun! Good luck to everyone!

Hailey Solace

Hailey Solace ohhh cool

Emily Windfall

Emily Windfall this sounds so fun!

Jackie Bradley

Jackie Bradley Oh I can mark off one of these boxes right now!

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo omg im defs doing thissss

Natilie DiAngelo

Natilie DiAngelo I am definitely doing this!!

Ash Trinity

Ash Trinity I am so doing this

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