★ -- Guess That God! #9

- From : Cassandra Escarra

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camron chase

camron chase Persephone and Aphrodite

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Persephone who had 1 third of the year and Aphrodite who had two thirds of the year with him

Raven Darkbloom

Raven Darkbloom Persephone and Aphrodite

Raven Darkbloom

Raven Darkbloom Persephone and Aphrodite

Chase Skye

Chase Skye Aphrodite & Persephone

Madison Witcher

Madison Witcher Aphrodite & Persephone

Xander Carter

Xander Carter Aphrodite & Persephone

Arina Diamandis

Arina Diamandis Persephone and Aphrodite!

Maysi smith

Maysi smith Aphrodite and Persephone

Cassidy Brooks

Cassidy Brooks Aphrodite and Persephone!

Brett Barrett

Brett Barrett Persephone and Aphrodite :)

Kate Wang

Kate Wang Aphrodite and Persephone

Ezio Mercer

Ezio Mercer Aphrodite and Persephone

Tapiwa Sherwood

Tapiwa Sherwood Aphrodite and Persephone

Autumn Silver

Autumn Silver persephone & aphrodite

Lauryn Chapman

Lauryn Chapman Aphrodite and Persephone

Gale Almasol

Gale Almasol Aphrodite and you guessed it... Persephone

Aurelia Monroe

Aurelia Monroe Aphrodite and Persephone

Evangeline Eve

Evangeline Eve Persephone and Aphrodite

Nety Gupta

Nety Gupta Aphrodite and Persephone

Rae Emerson

Rae Emerson Aphrodite and Persephone

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Aphrodite and Persephone

Inara Yang

Inara Yang Aphrodite and Persephone

Nathanial Wilder

Nathanial Wilder Aphrodite and Persephone

Rafail Mellise

Rafail Mellise Aphrodite and Persephone

Red Decker

Red Decker Aphrodite and Persephone

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood Persephone and Aphrodite

koby jo

koby jo Aphrodite and Persephone

Robin Fitztooth

Robin Fitztooth Persephone and athrodite

Quin Byron

Quin Byron Aphrodite and Persephone

Kiran Gray

Kiran Gray Persephone and Aphrodite

Rainstorm Blitz

Rainstorm Blitz Aphrodite, and Persephone

Lynette Collen

Lynette Collen Aphrodite and Persephone

Katherine Connor

Katherine Connor Aphrodite and Persephone

Kyle Turner

Kyle Turner Persephone and Aphrodite

Aethra Miles

Aethra Miles Aphrodite and Persephone

Lorenzo Skywalker

Lorenzo Skywalker Persephone and Aphrodite

Carina Callista

Carina Callista Persephone and Aphrodite!

Huda Shah

Huda Shah Persephone and Aphrodite

Heiyu Tsang

Heiyu Tsang Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, amongst other things, and Persephone, goddess of springtime.

Eris Myrto

Eris Myrto Persephone and Aphrodite

Grace Chase

Grace Chase Persephone and Aphrodite

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo persephone and aphrodite

Denim Brewers

Denim Brewers Persee and Aphro (Pls don't kill me, gods)

Haden Mclean

Haden Mclean Persephone and Aphrodite

Anita Elizabeth

Anita Elizabeth Aphrodite and persephone

Camilla Quill

Camilla Quill Persephone and Aphrodite

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe Aphrodite, the goddess of love and Persephone, the goddess of spring.

Ysabel Velasco

Ysabel Velasco Persephone, Aphrodite

Charlie Axe

Charlie Axe Aphrodite and Persephone

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