♡ -- Demigod Delicacies: Food Fight

- From : Cassandra Escarra

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Ezio Mercer

Ezio Mercer i'm gonna say an expired pizza or a very, very sharp bagel. it's like a frisbee but edible and more dangerous.

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe Sorry, I accidentally pressed enter! In a food fight with my friends, I'd use pudding because it's thick and sticky and would definitely annoy them when it stuck to their hair and clothes.

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe In a food fight with my friends, I'd use In a food fight with a monster, I'd use Lebkuchen as it can be used as a cutting or burning weapon as the gingerbread can be baked into sharp shapes and used to slice or scratch the opponent. The spices can also be sprinkled on the opponent to make them feel itchy.

Camilla Quill

Camilla Quill oreos and potatoes ofc >:D

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood Yummy!

Ysabel Velasco

Ysabel Velasco Throwing some ice cream is fun but I think when it comes to food fight, I'll pick some melted marshmallows. Hard to get out of your hair and clothes and you'll be on a sticky situation.

Kayden Long

Kayden Long SUSHI PIZZA!

Acelyn Reeves

Acelyn Reeves Mashed potatoes.. hell, those things are a pain to get out because they stick and clump up. Plus when they're really hot, they burn people when they're thrown.

Inara Yang

Inara Yang Syrup would be good for a food fight because it's all gooey and sticky and it would be good if you snuck up on somebody and poured it over their head. even if they managed to dodge it somehow it'll splatter all over their clothes and the floor.

Nevaeh Triplett

Nevaeh Triplett Durian would be great to throw - spiky, kinda hefty, and even if they manage to cut it or dodge it or anything like that, it'll stink to high heaven!

London Triplett

London Triplett Have yall ever heard of honeybuns? They're filled with honey, and when they get heated up too much (more than 30 seconds in a microwave, really) that molten sugar in the middle is crazy painful. Could definitely be used as some kind of, like, hand grenade of sorts.

William Wilbert

William Wilbert Melted caramel thrown on the floor could trap someone if they step on it. Anyways, great article!

Lynette Collen

Lynette Collen Love this Anemone!

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