★ -- Guess that God! #22

- From : Cassandra Escarra

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Julian Fitz

Julian Fitz Hephaestus!

Robin bank

Robin bank Zeus

Perseus Jason

Perseus Jason Hermes, Chaos, or Zeus

Clara Morales

Clara Morales Nyx

Allana Smith

Allana Smith Chaos

Wylan Van Eck

Wylan Van Eck Hermes

Alisa von Vamalia

Alisa von Vamalia Chaos

dominis apex

dominis apex hermes or apollo or hedone

december hudgins

december hudgins Hermes

Cordelia Pacific

Cordelia Pacific Chaos? I think

Nix Nereus

Nix Nereus Apollo?

Zinovia Timothea

Zinovia Timothea Hermes?

Cadmus Hart

Cadmus Hart hermes or apollo

Diana Houston

Diana Houston Hmm Zeus or Hermes

Percival Evercrest

Percival Evercrest Zeus or Hermes

Andi Songura

Andi Songura Isn’t Eros priomordal ? Which in that case I’d probably go with Chaos and if he isn’t then Hermes.

Natilie DiAngelo

Natilie DiAngelo Zeus or Hermes?

Sapire Firerose

Sapire Firerose Hermes, Zeus or Ares

Candy Popper

Candy Popper hermes or zeus

Lucas Kingston

Lucas Kingston Hermes maybe?

Leto Bond

Leto Bond Hermes, Zeus or chaos? there's lots of different stories so this is a hard one

Ethan Creed

Ethan Creed That'd be Hermes

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo its either chaos, zeus or hermes

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood Difficult one

Sophia Cane

Sophia Cane Apollo?

Aethra Miles

Aethra Miles Chaos, Zeus or Hermes?

Huda Shah

Huda Shah Aphrldit

Mack Smith

Mack Smith Hermes

Landria Scavinskie

Landria Scavinskie Hermes i believe. Or Aphrodite but i would say Hermes cause why not ;D

Isadora Ingrid

Isadora Ingrid Maybe Zeus or Hermes? It could be Chaos otherwise, but I don't think he's considered a god...so I guess either Zeus or Hermes

Suriel Thornrose

Suriel Thornrose Aphrodite or Hermes (Final Answer): Aphrodite

Lauryn Chapman

Lauryn Chapman Chaos and other people

Jude Atkins

Jude Atkins There are several answers: different myths say either zeus, hermes or chaos. There's even a myth that says he's a child of nyx.

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson Well from what I know, Aphrodite, Zeus, Ares, and Hermes were all mentioned at some point, so I’m really not sure who

London Triplett

London Triplett there's many different versions - Zeus and Hermes, as people have mentioned below, but according to Hesiod he is the son of the primordial Chaos and according to Sappho he's the son of Uranus so idk

Chloe Beresford

Chloe Beresford Aphrodite?

Nicole Robbins

Nicole Robbins Zeus or Hermes or maybe Aphrodite?

Artemisa Notte

Artemisa Notte I'm pretty sure the most relevant myth is that Eros was one of the primordial gods who was created out of Chaos. Would Chaos be considered a god?

Grace Chase

Grace Chase Hermes or Zeus?

Akilah Amobi-Chase

Akilah Amobi-Chase Aphrodite?

Nolan Rogers

Nolan Rogers Either Zeus or Hermes

Aspen Lake

Aspen Lake Deimos?

Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp Some say Hephaestus, Zeus, or Hermes. But Hephaestus is the least popular belief. But there is also the primordial version that has Chaos as the father. It just depends on which story you chose to believe.

Myung Kang

Myung Kang Aphrodite

Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri I remember reading somewhere during the research for a class that Eros was a primordial being in some stories lol That would make Chaos the father. I like the Ares-Aphrodite version better XD

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe Either Zeus or Hermes I think... I'm learning towards Hermes tho idk why their mischievous nature makes me think so, but it could also be Zeus because Zeus basically slept with almost everyone in greek mythology so yeah...

Lorenzo Skywalker

Lorenzo Skywalker Aphrodite

Zinovia Timothea

Zinovia Timothea Aphrodite

Francis MacAllister

Francis MacAllister Hephaestus

Yìchén Gongsun

Yìchén Gongsun Aphrodite

Tae-Yong Kwon

Tae-Yong Kwon I’m gonna guess Hephaestus

Olly Peters

Olly Peters Oops wait nooo

Olly Peters

Olly Peters Oops wait nooo

Olly Peters

Olly Peters Aphrodite

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