Press Your Luck!! (RESULTS)

- From : Cassandra Escarra

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Aura Chase

Aura Chase yasss

Rona Andrew

Rona Andrew 4

Jackie Bradley

Jackie Bradley Thanks for the scooter!! I love it!

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson Thanks for the scooter, cass! Definitely gonna be seeing me zooming around on it! :D

Valentine Lewis

Valentine Lewis I got a scooter, so cool!!! Just can't exactly use it yet, I am only 8 years old...

Julianna Brown

Julianna Brown I got a treehouse

Julianna Brown

Julianna Brown I got a treehouse

Jasmine Kinsley

Jasmine Kinsley 2 :D

Whittnee Terradora

Whittnee Terradora EPIC!!! i got a scooter ehehheheehhe

Aethra Miles

Aethra Miles yay 8!

Charlie Jackson-Chase

Charlie Jackson-Chase Nice! 3

Aris Milan

Aris Milan I chose 7 :D

Caelan Hawthorne

Caelan Hawthorne 7 :3

Akilah Amobi-Chase

Akilah Amobi-Chase Yay 8

Rafail Mellise

Rafail Mellise 1

Charlie Thacher

Charlie Thacher 8

Lauryn Chapman

Lauryn Chapman Pizza!!!

Aera Ha-Eun

Aera Ha-Eun 7 ;))

Ebony Hance

Ebony Hance 8 :)

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe Awww, tysm for the pizzas Cass! <3

Katie Grace

Katie Grace Omggg tysmm!!!

Éowynn MacKenzie

Éowynn MacKenzie 8!

Rona Andrew

Rona Andrew 3

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo yesss a scooterrrr

Liliana Percabeth

Liliana Percabeth I chose 8 :D

Anak Aitken

Anak Aitken I chose 4!

Lilian Malfatto

Lilian Malfatto Woohoo! I chose seven =D

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