Deep-Dive into Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology plays a major role within the Percy Jackson Universe. From the connections to how the Greek Gods and Goddesses had relations with the mortals. How the tales, the stories, the myths, and the legends all connected to a modern-day timeline. Rick Riordan created a world in which the two worlds lived together. Not in harmony, but they fit together, both were intertwined together yet the mortal side was unaware.

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Dash Grayson

Dash Grayson "No, I'M a Leo, YOUR a Percy."

Dash Grayson

Dash Grayson "Cool, like your zodiac sign," said Percy "I'm a leo!"

Brielle Castillion

Brielle Castillion I love Percy as Poseidon's kid 100%, I feel like if he were Zeus's kid it'll have a different vibe (obvious stuff like his nickname wouldn't be seaweed brain), but also there's something poetic about Percy who's a kid of Poseidon and Annabeth who's a kid of Athena (two gods that historically hate each other) falling in love!

My Achilles Heel would probably be my tailbone. I don't know, i feel like it'll be somehow protected by armour, and I don't think I'll be targeted there, that's a very weird place to target.

(( other questions were:
What do you think Percy would have been like as a child of Zeus?
Do you like him better as a child of Poseidon?
What would your Achilles Heel be, and why? ))

Jude Atkins

Jude Atkins The chalice of the gods is set between HoO and TOA and he's about 17 in that. The most recent book is the sun and the star (fan girl screeching - still not over that) and he's about 18 or 19 in that.

Zinovia Timothea

Zinovia Timothea First ToA

Zinovia Timothea

Zinovia Timothea He’s still in high school in The

Lennox Abercrombie

Lennox Abercrombie Wait isn’t Percy like in college in the sun and the star or something and older and doesn’t Chalice of the Gods come before Trails of Apollo so wouldn’t Percy be 18 or 19?

Desdemona Wren

Desdemona Wren Wait! I forgot one of my favorites! Screaming crying sobbing, actually. When Niko makes his pits of Happy Meal Necromancy, this is a pull from The Odyssey. In that story they used less conventionally yummy means, but it was how Odysseus spoke to the prophet Tiresias.

The second question cut off for me after 'child of-' but I can vaguely see Zeus so. I'll just be answering that part. Personally, I think it wouldn't have worked as well had Percy been a child of either of the other of the Big Three. True, the og Perseus was a son of Zeus, but in most of the classic myths it seems like Zeus bent rules for his own children, whereas in PJO we almost needed Zeus to be a stanch oppositionary character. It works well from a reader's perspective, anyways. I can't pretend to know how Riordan arrived at his own conclusions and I"m too tired to comb to interviews to see if he ever mentions it lol.

Desdemona Wren

Desdemona Wren Vibrating in Mythology Nerd rn Cess. Annabeth was modelled off of Riordan's thoughts on the heroine Atalanta, which is. So much joy. Michael Yew, Clarisse La Rue and Silena Beauregard all took the place of Agamemnon, Achilles, and Patroclus in a metaphor for the first book of the Iliad in The Last Olympian. It's been over a decade and it still Haunts Me.

Cj Dayvon

Cj Dayvon thanks

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