My Godly Parent is...
Have you ever dreamed about living in the world Rick Riordan created? Then the time has come for you to find out who your Godly Parent is! Take the quiz below to see which of the Olympians you might be descended from! Looking forward to seeing who you get within the comments!

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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London Triplett

London Triplett got ares! definitely could see that for london, she's very aggro lmao

Shade Knight

Shade Knight welp hm i got ares chould have seen that coming

Zahra Shephard

Zahra Shephard Aphrodite through and through. I’m not surprised at all actually.<3 hehe

Robin bank

Robin bank Zeus.Surprised fits

Koa Waywood

Koa Waywood I got Dionysus which should be a no-brainer, but I was still stunned that it was spot-on.

Claire Anderson

Claire Anderson I got Hades, it fits a bit, but it definitely surprised me!

Huda Shah

Huda Shah I got Iris, which I was NOT expecting

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood Athena! A bit surpring, I must say

Wylan Van Eck

Wylan Van Eck iris!! ouhhh!

Alisa von Vamalia

Alisa von Vamalia Daughter of hades

camron chase

camron chase I got Athena which doesn't surprise me because other tests I've taken have said Apollo or Athena. Which makes sense.

July Summer

July Summer Same. I mean i always wanted to be her son so... (But Apollo is awesome)

dominis apex

dominis apex i got aphrodite

Nico Frost

Nico Frost I got nemesis. Now when I'm thinking about it... Yeah it fits well

Jude Atkins

Jude Atkins I got demeter which makes sense I guess, cause I like being outdoors on the farm, but I'm more of an animal person than a plant person. Demeters cool thought

Emily Windfall

Emily Windfall I got Dionysus- i was very surprised, and tbh i don’t think it fits very well. but yummy grapes ig

Diana Houston

Diana Houston I got Posiedon!

Cordelia Pacific

Cordelia Pacific I got Hephaestus. I was kinda surprised, but I do love making things. Although, I also hate fire, which doesn't really fit.

Candy Popper

Candy Popper ok i actually answered it for real instead of random answers and i got hades so yay

Jesseiah Halloway

Jesseiah Halloway I got Zeus! again!

Anak Aitken

Anak Aitken Poseidon :D

Rose Isabella

Rose Isabella Nemesis, which honestly is the one I wanted to get from the start, but I have Demeter lol.

Chi-Hae Heonbin

Chi-Hae Heonbin Hades

Anna Harrow

Anna Harrow I got zeus also

Percival Evercrest

Percival Evercrest I got Ares. Not what I was expecting cuz I am a Poseidon kid. But I mean I do fit Ares quite a bit.

Candy Popper

Candy Popper i got zeus

Oliver Radcliffe

Oliver Radcliffe I got... Demeter? I'm a Dionysus kid tho

tywell razom

tywell razom okay this is weird I chose war strategies, debate, then Florence Italy but I got Hephaestus I was expecting Athena

Aethra Miles

Aethra Miles I got “UNDETERMINED” :(

Yìchén Gongsun

Yìchén Gongsun Hades makes since for the irl me I always say to my PJO peeps irl I feel like I would be Hades, and I have the personality of Nico mixed with a little Will, and a little Leo xD

Aspenn Lake


Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe I'm an Athena kid who got Ares, I think its fitting, I can be Aressy sometimes xD

Kohaku Blaze

Kohaku Blaze I got Dionysus... am I theater kid? Yes? Am I Dio kid? NO!

Leighton Kramer

Leighton Kramer I got Aphrodite! I was a little surprised but I feel like it is fitting!

Sapire Firerose

Sapire Firerose LOL!! I got Athena!!!

Lily-Anne Summers

Lily-Anne Summers I got Hephaestus… A little surprised as I don’t believe it’s fitting. I’m not a builder, I’m a look-out-she-can’t-drive person.

Bailey Beau

Bailey Beau I got Apollo! He is definitely my father <3 I wasn't surprised at all! Apollo is def fitting for me because I am so cute

Mateo Alexander

Mateo Alexander I got Dionysus, It's very surprising being I'm def an Apollo kid IRL... I'm and NOT fitting for Dionysus because he's not that great---

Missing Camper

Missing Camper I got Hades >:)

Nix Nereus

Nix Nereus I got Demeter which is weird cause I can't keep a plant alive

Sophia Cane

Sophia Cane I got Iris.

Corbin Eri

Corbin Eri Ah. Apollo. Who coulda guessed.

Rose Luv

Rose Luv ooh Athena!!! although i should say, not that surprised :)

Desdemona Wren

Desdemona Wren I have gotten Hephaestus. I've literally never gotten that result on another quiz in my life I'm actually very amused by this. I mean I guess? Arts and crafts are my jam irl so sure why not.

Inara Yang

Inara Yang I am a true Athena kid :O (although, I've gotten Athena on all Godly parent quizzes unless I'm trying to get something else.) Also, Inara is basically me, but with a bit more of a.. confident personality I guess?

Isadora Ingrid

Isadora Ingrid i got Nemesis...O.o well i suppose it fits?? although i would say i'm probably part Neme, part Athena kid :3

Kyun Teong

Kyun Teong I got Hermes

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo i got hephaestus which im honestly surprised by but it kinda makes sense from what i chose xD

Marc Joon

Marc Joon Ares

Lorenzo Salviati

Lorenzo Salviati Oh I got Nemesis... that's interesting 3

Aribella Gray

Aribella Gray Athena! No surprise I got the same godly parent, Aribella is HEAVILY based on me :)

Chloe Beresford

Chloe Beresford UM...I got Aphrodite...excuse me? I mean, yeah, I'm don't get it. I am a child of ATHENA, thank you very much. Okay, I'm extremely confused. Why?

Aurelia Raven

Aurelia Raven I got Poseidon, not surprised I love the ocean. I have waited to be a marine biologist since I was 4 years old.

Lucas Kingston

Lucas Kingston Nemesis! (At least my Might roots are STRONG)

hiunter iean

hiunter iean i got hades

Suriel Thornrose

Suriel Thornrose Ah... so My True godly parent is apollo- I'm not surprised, I do have a love for light, archery, and many other things that would possibly involve the god Apollo. Curious.... Curious indeed.

Witney Adwin

Witney Adwin Ooo I got Hephaestus! I like it!

Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri I got Hades. lmao. I honestly answered as myself. Not sure if I'm surprised - It's a bit fitting actually with some aspects of my personality. Interesting quiz! :D

Eilëithyia Charalampos

Eilëithyia Charalampos Apparently my life has been a lie,,, as my Godly Parent is Nike! {which was surprising bc im def competitive BUT usually that's not where i gravitate}. it somehow fits i think but it's also kind of a shock {not in a bad way}

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