Zeus in the Percy Jackson Series
Zeus is many things in Greek Mythology and in the Percy Jackson Series, what is he to you though? What are your thoughts on things he has said or things that have been said about him?

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Irra Vankin

Irra Vankin If zeus hadnt killed Maria di angelo randomly, her kids were not even forbidden which was a pact later that ZEUS broke first, then hades wouldnt have cursed the oracle meaning lukes mom would still be sane and hermes would spend more time with luke (even if he didnt luke wouldnt be stuck with a phsyco mom) then luke would stay good.

Irra Vankin

Irra Vankin He is basically the reason luke turned evil and tried to awaken Kronos.

Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri ~Glitched and accidentally posted CONT.~ If I ever meet him I would like to tell him he's doing a good job given all the responsibility that he has. He has had as bad a childhood as everyone else - perhaps even worse as he never really had any idea what a healthy family dynamic is, right? So yes, I would like to say that he's doing a good job. I might still get smited because how dare I have the audacity to judge him but that's part of the deal! :D

Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri I have a LOT of opinions on Zeus - honestly I think he is given the one-dimensional treatment way too much to the point the scales have now tipped to treat him as the worst god while ones that used to be feared like Hades are shown in a more empathetic light. I have way too many thoughts on this to fit in a comment really. Through the History and Myths & Legends assignments I have already explored a lot of my views defending and diving deeper into Zeus as a person on his own right instead of the "playboy" stereotype that is used to define

Okeanos Onasis

Okeanos Onasis fr

Desdemona Wren

Desdemona Wren lskdfjs I think about that cockroach quote every so often. Makes me giggle, easily one of my favorites.
Tbh I could not be trusted to meet Zeus. I am too big a fan of both Hera and Ganymede, your girl would get smited. Smoted. Smote?

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