Interview with a Goddess: Athena
Athena the deity is known her brains, she is known for her intellect, but what else is she known for? That is exactly what our interviewer managed to do! Athena the deity in Percy Jackson is very logical. She is well disciplined, known for her strategic mindset, and just beyond wise. She was mentioned within the Percy Jackson Series, as she is Annabeth Chase's mother. Though truly her credit is underappreciated for she is more than just a mother. She is more than just someone with a brain. So ready to learn more about this Goddess? Athena deserves more recognition, praise, and appreciation.

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Delmar Peters

Delmar Peters hilarious!

Delmar Peters

Delmar Peters I like Athena especially those vids on yt where Percy sneezes and Athena says bless you and Percy is like, "Athena blessed me!" and Athena says no! Also, I like the vid Athena's case! So halarious!

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe I unknowingly named myself after the flower thay represents my godly parent :P

Anna Chase

Anna Chase Wow, my mother definitely surprises me every day

Kayla Wisocky

Kayla Wisocky Is my fav goddess!

Luna cole

Luna cole amazing

Lorenzo Skywalker

Lorenzo Skywalker Hebe

Katie Grace

Katie Grace Wonderful goddess! I say she's one of my favorite goddesses :)

Lorenzo Salviati

Lorenzo Salviati It must be so cool to interview a god! Can’t wait for Dionysus

Andi Songura

Andi Songura Yay for mother!! #Athena Kids Rule! She totally is a mother who takes care of her children. Her children are said to be the best gift Athena can give you because they are written from her heart.

Aegis Moondrake

Aegis Moondrake has Zeus been interviewed already? def do hecate

Kayden Long

Kayden Long W, now do Apollo next.

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