Interview with a Monster: Medusa
Once a figure of beauty, until she was entangled into a revenge plot. At least that is how the myth about Medusa goes within the Percy Jackson fandom. Medusa was young, she was beautiful, and she got flattered by Poseidon. For if a God seems interested in you, that would make anyone feel enlated. Alas Medusa ignored the warning signs of others, and ended up being cursed by Athena. For sometimes the actions of others influence your own, and its not their fault, but rather your own for not making a better choice.

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Enzo Romaine

Enzo Romaine hehe Capybaras XD Medusa's cool - like that one aunt who will walk into the room and everyone will immediately fall into stone-cold silence XD (Pun intended)

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood It is interesting that Medusa misses her old hair

Lorenzo Salviati

Lorenzo Salviati Even Medusa can’t resist puppies!

Daphne Holt

Daphne Holt Medusa is like if an ancient monster from Ancient Greek became a Gen Z ✨

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo omg this interview is so funny xD medusa is honestly so slay omg

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