Interview with a Goddess: Persephone
Have you ever loved someone so much that being apart from them crushed you? This happened to a Goddess before as well. It may be difficult to believe but even Goddesses go through heartbreak. This was the ache of a mother who missed her child, and because of this seasons became a thing. Demeter who was Persephone's mother helped the earth to flourish. While in her sadness she let her duties go undone which resulted in havoc. Then for once Zeus had a wise idea of Persephone splitting her time among both realms. This is why while she is with her mother it is spring time and her mother is happy. Though while she is in the underworld the world goes through winter as Demeter is missing her. We shall also ignore the fact that Zeus was the one who helped Hades in the first place get Persephone.

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood She seems to like it in the underworld

Thaddeus Wayne

Thaddeus Wayne why a dandelion? she is the goddess of the spring

Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko Kirigiri This was a fun read!

Colton Clinton

Colton Clinton My thoughts be and only be: why in the world did you choose a dandelion of all things!? (Also I lov the idea of having a cabin for her!)

Aegis Moondrake

Aegis Moondrake oooh I loved reading this! there should totes be a perse cabin in WoO ^^

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