Cessairly a Weekly Rewind
Have you ever experienced a week where you could not even recall the last few minutes let alone days? Or maybe you were just away for some time and everything seems different but you can't quite put your finger on what exactly, well look no further!

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood This is simply, chefs French Kiss!!

Beatrice Saint-Clare

Beatrice Saint-Clare I also read bear on ice and I agree with you Cess. I immediately thought of bears ice skating and it’s just the cutest. And oooo the God of Solitude - interesting choice! And aaahh Des and her army of chompers! :O

Adonis Rosenberg

Adonis Rosenberg Des YES

Iselin Eira

Iselin Eira O.o my cats and rats are never ending Cess!

Maggie Giovanni

Maggie Giovanni I double that. I’m a dio kid and I’m a little angel… right?

Ryan Cunnings

Ryan Cunnings Hey not all Dio kids lie! I for one am a little angle.....wait....

Desdemona Wren

Desdemona Wren We didn't lie--no need when we've got such mad skillz hehehe! I shall continue to inspire chompers and biters, it is my calling.

Daphne Holt

Daphne Holt DES NO :d

Anna Potter

Anna Potter Awesome as always Cess <3

Florence Candelario

Florence Candelario HEY- we didn’t lie smh. But yes, thank you Des for the lessons on chomping hehe

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