Meeting Camp Half-Blood
Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a job at Camp Half-Blood? Take a read through as we talk to different campers about their jobs, what they do, and find out how fun having a job can really be.

- From : Isabella Allen


Welcome to the newest blog on WoO! I, Isabella Allen, one of your resident boysenberries have been running around camp, banging door to door just to find out about the incredible, totally amazing (and crazy), hardworking student staff members. Here is the very first interview of your very own and I hope you all enjoy!
It was yet another day in camp and Isabella had been carrying all sorts of notes with her just about ready for her interview that she had scheduled with one of the students in the camp. It was about time to get started and everything was set up perfectly. As soon as the person to be interviewed arrived, Bella grinned and waiting until she was seated until she began.
(This interview was done 03/09/2019)

Bella : Well hello there! Thank you so much for coming today! Let's begin with some questions so we can get to know you! On WoO who are you and what is your job? Please elaborate a little on what you do.

Olivia : I’m Olivia LeStrange. 19 years old and a daughter of Hades. I work as an archivist. Archivists are sorta like librarians, so we work with the library a lot. We write new books and check the old ones for mistakes and make sure everything in the library is good and organized. 

Bella : What is your favorite part of doing this job?

Olivia :  I love writing so so much. That was why I chose to apply for this job way back when I was a tiny camper. My favourite part of the job has always been when I get to write new books about all kinds of things. And you learn a lot doing so too, which is great.

Bella : How long IRL have you been doing said job?

Olivia : I think it’s coming up on a year now. Applied for the job not too long before my first camp year ended, and I joined on January 1st 2018, so it’s around a year. I don’t remember the date exactly.

Bella : What are the fun and not so fun parts?

Olivia : Everything is fun! Well, kinda. I like most parts of my job, as I said my favourite is actually writing the books and finding information. But I don’t like coding the books. I’m not good at it, but don’t detest it either. 

Bella : Is there anything special that you can do? (talents, hobbies, etc - IG)

Olivia :  Ehh, I can speak several languages. I’ve learned English, French and Norwegian. And since I’m over 18, my demigodishness have given me the ability to speak greek and latin. I can play the guitar and the piano too, but I don’t play very much anymore. I mostly just read. I can read, is that a talent?

Bella : Anything you think is important to know about you and that should always be known by any camper?

Olivia : Hmm, I’m not sure. Very little things are that important about me. I have heard some people say they’re afraid to talk to me, which makes no sense to me at all, so maybe I would like them all to know I’m not dangerous? I don’t bite at all, so there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

Bella : Is there any particular advice you have for the people on site that can be applied to either the site/IRL?

Olivia : Well, I’d say to always be yourself and do your best. And do as much as possible of the things that make you happy!

Bella : Amazing! Thank you so much for doing this interview and it was lovely to get to know about you!

And with that, Isabella reached out to shake her hand and smiled at her notes just about to get them published on their blog. (Permission from Olivia to do this interview - Thank you to all those involved in the interviews so far!)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I can't wait to bring you guys even more!

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Angela Blackbourn

Angela Blackbourn Amazing post here!

Thalia Athena

Thalia Athena Great Job! I might want to be an Archivist now!

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