Battle of the Gods: Greeks vs. Romans
We all know about the Olympians and the other Greek gods, but have you ever wondered about how they are different from the Roman gods?

- From : Jaret Donnelly


Battle Of The Gods

Greek Vs. Romans

Hello Campers, and welcome to a new series called Battle of the Gods! We all know about the Olympians and the other Greek gods, but have you ever wondered about how they are different from the Roman gods? Today we will be learning a little more about Hades and Pluto!




Hades and Pluto, a God's Greek and Roman form. There are some similarities and some differences between the two. I'm here to describe the two and give you the rundown about them so that you can be more knowledgeable about them.


Hades: The Greek God of the dead, the Underworld and wealth, he's a member of the Big Three along with Zeus and Poseidon, his two brothers. He took Persephone from her mother, Demeter, and forces her to stay in the Underworld four months out of the year, where she rules as Queen. He doesn't leave the Underworld much, as he isn't appreciated and welcomed by the other Gods and Goddesses on Mount Olympus, so he contently stays in his home. He has three Godly children; Macaria, Melinoe, and Zagreus. Hades' known symbols are his ebony throne, scepter, Cerberus and his cap of invisibility, which he had at one point in time.


Pluto: The Roman God of death and wealth, his brothers are Jupiter and Neptune. His wife is Proserpina, daughter of Ceres. She stays with Pluto for six months of the year while she returns to her mother for the other six. Pluto only leaves the Underworld for meetings with the other Gods and Goddesses, or to occasionally roam the Earth. Other than for these reasons, he stays in his kingdom, watching the beings that are in the afterlife. Pluto has no Godly children that are known of at this point in time. His known symbols are a cap of invisibility, pomegranates, a key, and a scepter.


As you can see, there are some major similarities between the two Gods. Hades is the darker one of the two, but Pluto is close behind. I hope this gave you a little more information on the two and helped you to better link the two of them to each other in case you ever needed to compare the two.


Written by Brittany Black

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Angela Blackbourn

Angela Blackbourn Lovely Brittany! I love Hades/Pluto ♥

Sam troy

Sam troy I thought it was a helmet? Love the article

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Ian Benson The thing below is a ad for project management site

Ela Smith

Ela Smith Wonderful! *cups hands around mouth* Fore more wonderful knowledge about the Greek and Roman Gods, head over to my class at the Western Hills!

Alexandra Ranger

Alexandra Ranger Brilliant article and go Hades!

Sarabeth Heussaff

Sarabeth Heussaff Plutooo

Brady Flint

Brady Flint Great article!

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