Hera's Spotlight
Welcome to Hera's Spotlight. Each week we are going to highlight a different aspect of the gods you may not know about.

- From : Jaret Donnelly

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Ylva Ragnarsdottir

Ylva Ragnarsdottir Ooh, I named last year's Christmas tree Khione after the winter deity!

Thana Genisis

Thana Genisis Awesome article Niklaus!

marco jackson

marco jackson thanks great articel

Nora Willson

Nora Willson ok

Kayden Chase

Kayden Chase Ugg. nice

Luna Umbra

Luna Umbra This is certainly amazing as always.

Jax Lee

Jax Lee <33

Chase Cromie

Chase Cromie Loved it! ;P

Illana Graves

Illana Graves Loved it!:)

Arylne Brightman

Arylne Brightman Great article as always!

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