Tunes Around Camp
Have you been hearing different types of sounds around camp? This just might be the solution to where they're coming from.

- From : Ivan Lillis

Tunes Around Camp
Ivan's review of music at Camp Half-Blood
Hello Campers and Staff! I would like to welcome you all to our very first blog here at Camp Half-blood. This blog will be all about music reviews where I give my honest opinions about different songs, you all may enjoy listening too.

Unforunetly I don't have anything to review for today, but have no fear something will be coming your way soon!

I would like for everyone to participate in this blog by simply sending me and Iris Message containing the link to the song you've been enjoying the most. I don't have any restrictions on genre but please do keep the song family friendly, as I will share it for everyone to listen to as well. This blog is meant for entertainment and not to judge your music taste, or bash anyone for liking a certain song or music type.

PS: The Social Media Team is accepting applications if you'd enjoy doing something fun like this. Check out the Social Media club for the application + requirements.
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