Tunes Around Camp :: Karate - Babymetal
let’s fight on with our fists more… with our spirits more…

- From : Ivan Lillis
Tunes Around Camp
Karate - Babymetal
TAC is making a comback! After a hiatus for this blog, the song reviews will be returning. Please do not send any submissions until I say so, as I still have a lot to put out. This week's song was submitted by our very own Ivy Lakes.

Karate is a song by a Japanese heavy metal idol band known as Babymetal

At the start of the music video I get a very dark vibe off it, with the costumes and effects; although I feel this is normal for videos by this group. There isn't not particular meaning for this song but looking at the lyrics I can capture them saying to keep fighting even if you get sad or unable to stand up. What is your take over this song?

PS: The Social Media Team is accepting applications if you'd enjoy doing something fun like this. Check out the Social Media club for the application + requirements. (I may or may not be desperate)
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Willow Sidus

Willow Sidus BABYMETAL <3

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