Godly Weapons
It's common knowledge that every God and Goddess must have a distinctive weapon, but you might not know the history of each one! Do you want to know the history of each godly weapon? Then this is the series for you!

- From : Harrick Myles

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Alexandra Light

Alexandra Light AMAZING!

jack muir

jack muir that was interesting

Izaac Hilton

Izaac Hilton Great Article Char! It was great information to read, and I’m looking forward to more!

lysander Jackson

lysander Jackson I love poseidon and his mighty Fork

Sophia Nelson

Sophia Nelson Awesome article, Charlotte! I loved reading it! (I have started to be careful of calling his trident a fork, thank you very much)

Missing Camper

Missing Camper this was amazing

Perceus Arroyo

Perceus Arroyo You Dare Not say it an Oversized Fork!

Etienne Garrel

Etienne Garrel Poseidon and his dinglehopper!!

Calli DeManiro

Calli DeManiro So cool cool! I didn't know most of that xD, great job Charlotte!! <3

Skyler Hallows

Skyler Hallows Wow. I didn't know about most of that. XD Awesome article!

Katie Ward

Katie Ward Love it Lottie, who knew a oversized fork was so cool? XD

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