✦ Godly Spotlight #005
Learn about the Gods and Goddesses and their true stories with Annaliese Jackson!

- From : Cyrus Knightley-Brown

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Andrew Blackthorn

Andrew Blackthorn Interesting! I really love this blog!

Eris Myrto

Eris Myrto This bolg is awesome Love it KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Éowynn MacKenzie

Éowynn MacKenzie This was a very interesting blog about my godly parent. And I even learned things I didn't even know. Good work

Stellan Knightley-Brown

Stellan Knightley-Brown Such a lovely blog, Annaliese! Never knew there was so much I didn’t know about Ares! Can’t wait for the next addition ;)

Hadley Goldenheart

Hadley Goldenheart Ew. Ares.

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