Meeting the Minor Gods
We all know about the Olympians and how they came to be in power, but have you ever wondered who some of the other gods are?

- From : Lea Stamos


Meeting the Minor Gods

Hello Campers, and welcome to the third edition of Meeting the Minor Gods! We all know about the Olympians and how they came to be in power, but have you ever wondered who some of the other gods are? Today we will be learning a little more about Triton!




Triton is the god of waves and calm seas. He is the son of Poseidon and the sea nymph Amphitrite, one of the Nereids. He is the messenger of the sea and the herald of Poseidon.


Triton is often depicted as a classic merman, he has the upper body of a man and the lower tail of a large fish. He can be found wielding a trident, in the same fashion as his father, but he also carries a giant conch shell which he plays as a trumpet. This conch shell has the ability to raise and calm the waves when played.


Triton’s sister is Kymopoleia, the goddess of violent sea storms. He resides in the palace of Atlantis with his parents, while Kymopoleia was banished as Poseidon found her presence disruptive.


Triton has three daughters named, Pallas, Calliste, and Triteia. He is also the father to a group of sea-nymphs called The Tritonides. They served as the handmaidens to the Nereid Galateia and her sisters.

Fun Facts:

  • Triton’s Roman counterpart is Triden.

  • His shapeshifting abilities allow him to take on the form of any sea creature.

  • He has the ability to invoke fear in others, this is also channeled through his conch shell.

  • One of Neptune’s moons is named Triton, Neptune is also his Roman father.

  • Triton's Trumpet or Triton Snail is the common name given to members of a genus of sea snail.

Written by Harrick Myles

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