Hera's Spotlight
Welcome to Hera's Spotlight. Each week we are going to highlight a different aspect of the gods you may not know about.

- From : Jaret Donnelly


Hera's Spotlight

Hello Campers. Welcome to Hera's Spotlight. Each week we are going to highlight different aspects you may not know about. This week we are talking about Rome.




What is up campers!? We're back at it again with Hera's spotlight! By now im sure you have all heard about the Roman campers visiting Camp Half-Blood. In order to celebrate our guests, we have decided to explore a little bit of the History and Creation of Rome. 


Welcome back another episode of Hera's Spotlight! Ever wonder about the founding of Rome? Me too! So let's check it out! Apparently, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, the twins of Rhea Silvia and Mars. Some say Hercules was their dad but we're not here to judge. 

Now there is a lot of speculation but Virgil himself said that their entire existence was fated for Rome to be built. Kinda crazy, right? Anywho. Apparently, they are direct descendants of Aeneas, who you might know as the dude who discovered Italy. Their grandfather on their mother's side, Numitor was king of an ancient city called Latium, which was basically central Italy. Now their grandfather was not a forgiving man and let's just say that their mom wasn't supposed to be in a situation to have kids so he didn't really like that she had the twins. He ordered them to be killed and the servant spared them, thankfully. 



The two were found by a Lupa or she-wolf who nurtured them. Finally, a man found them and they grew up in the household of the shepherd after Tiberinus made sure they were safe from the river they may or may not have been placed in a basket into. They grew up and didn't really see eye to eye. So Romulus built a wall around his city, Roma (Rome) and Remus jumped over it. Supposedly on the day, it was founded. Of course, he perished. But Rome was founded! 

There you have it campers! The founding of Rome. Of course, there are different versions of the story but I'm not writing a novel here. 



One of Rome’s greatest heroes was Aeneas, the demi-god son of Aphrodite and Prince Anchises of Troy. Aeneas was thought to be an ancestor to Romulus and Remus, as well as the Julian Family of Rome, including Emperors, Julius Caesar, and Augustus. He was also believed to be the ancestor of the Pendragon family of Great Britain. When the city of Troy was destroyed by the Greeks, Aeneas was one of the few people who escaped. He led a group of people, known as the Aeneads, to Italy where they became the progenitors of Rome.



That is all for now, See ya next time! 










Written by Niklaus Sawyer

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