Meeting Camp Half-Blood
Ever wonder about the different jobs around Camp Half-Blood? With this blog series, you will meet a bunch of people around the camp, and learn about their lives and their jobs! In this third edition, we will be talking to the Head of Cluster for Mystery, Mina Jung!

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Meeting Camp Half-blood


Mina Jung

Today we are with Mama Ghost, my big sister. Probably should have started with a better introduction.

Hello Mina Jung, I am Emrys Fernandinho you might have seen me cuddling pets among other things. I'm glad you are free to meet with me. I'd like to start with some questions about you.


How long have you been at Camp Half-blood?

Hello, there little sister! Well, I've been at Camp ever since I was a little 8-year-old. I hadn't known I was a demigod, but my dad did, and we moved around for a long time before he decided he should tell me and drove me to Camp Half-blood, and I've been here ever since.

Do you stay in touch with your dad?

Oh, I wish. It's a bit of a sad story. He saved me from getting killed by a Nemean lion and lost his own life on our journey to Camp Half-Blood. So I don't really have any family out there related by mortal blood anymore. But after a couple years, Ender Wulf, the old Might Head of Cluster adopted me, so I see him all the time.


I'm sorry, I didn't know about your dad. Ender Wulf seemed to have adopted a few people around camp. Luke and Orion Wells and you for certain. I don't know who else. Didn't get to know him much. Another good reason to do these interviews get to learn about people. 
What do you like to do for fun?


Well, I have a MULTITUDE of animals between me, Orion, and Joel (our Arts and Crafts instructor, not to be mixed up with our Music instructor). But, they're mostly mine, which I love to take care of! So, I'm usually out playing with one of them (if you find a hedgehog wandering about, that's probably Quill). I also am always up for pranks don't tell the other campers that I painted their cabins purple

I love purple I'll be a scapegoat I couldn't figure out how to cuddle the hedgehog. ( I want a hedgehog now) What kinds of foods do you like?

That is a hard question... hmmm... I love all food? Does ice cream count? Because I love ice cream or shaved ice, that's very good or boba (that's a drink, but does it count as food?) I guess I like sweet desserty foods, but I just love all foods!


Boba that the same as Bubble tea? Yes, ice cream is a food group and peanut butter. Don't tell mom or dad

It's a little different from bubble tea, but I ALSO love bubble tea! :D


Is it those bead things made from tapioca? I don't know what those are called.

Yes! Those bead things are called boba! They're really good! 
Is there a special person in your life? I hadn't seen any signs or heard about any ships involving you. Got thinking you are good at hiding one


For special persons, well, I'm in this weird little triangle thing with Orion Wells (there's a long winded story about this) and Joel Thayer (Arts and Crafts Instructor). They're both a little quiet and may show up here and there! We actually live together too, so it's not too much of a secret. We're just a little quiet.


Nothing wrong with quiet. I get talkative at interviews. Throw me at a party I hide. I don't do well with crowds they make me nervous.

What kinds of jobs have you had at camp?

Well, I was trained as a medic by my dad from a really young age. So I was the medical trainer here at camp for a while. But when I turned 17, I became the Head of Cluster for Mystery.


What can you tell me and camp readers about being Head of Mystery?

Head of Cluster is honestly the best job I'm not biased, what? 0:) We do the paperwork stuff, make sure the camp is running smoothly! Mystery is the best cluster, of course, that's why there's so many of us!

There are a lot of little subteams that we have within the cluster to increase our participation and give some fun ideas! ALL of you should be joining these teams. There's the party team where I accept or decline ideas for parties/competitions and help carry them out! The welcoming team is something we created to welcome new users, the awards team, I usually run the award ceremony with. They help with the planning as well as join me in making hard game questions.

There are the columnists, which I read the articles before they are posted to make sure they're great!

Then the capture the flag team where I sometimes run a practice or two and attend the tryouts, giving some hints and things! I'm also going to be running an exclusive program for the ghosties for the ghosties!

The job just comes a lot with managing people. (Not to mention the work you put in for the sorting quizzes because there's so many of those!) But overall, the job is really enjoyable, and I love all my ghosties! They make the work worth it!


New campers: any advice you have for people coming in or interested in Camp Half-blood and World of Olympians?

Well, I would suggest that everyone reads the rules and guidelines, because that will help you in the long run! Also, make sure to stop and say hello in chat! Everyone here is super friendly and can help you if you have any questions!


Is there anything I didn't cover that you might want to add?

Umm.... I don't think so? Other than Mystery is the best Cluster, so come join me! :D


Thank you for meeting with me I hope you had fun with it.

Written by Emrys Fernandinho









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