Meeting Camp Half-Blood
Ever wonder about the different jobs around Camp Half-Blood? With this blog series, you will meet a bunch of people around the camp, and learn about their lives and their jobs! In this third edition, we will be talking to the Head of Cluster for Mystery, Mina Jung!

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Juliana Rucker

Juliana Rucker *cough* mystery

Andromeda Morgan

Andromeda Morgan Cough *nature* cough

Eloise Seavey

Eloise Seavey *cough nature cough*

Emrys Fernandinho

Emrys Fernandinho Thank you.

Amara Johnson

Amara Johnson Mystery is the best cluster!

Katherine Ellerby

Katherine Ellerby Great interview Emrys! but *ahem* It's Celestine's birthday, so *ahem* Nature

Connor Freeeman

Connor Freeeman *Coughs loudly* Force!

Sarabeth Heussaff

Sarabeth Heussaff Great interview, but *coughs* nope... Might is best!

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