Tunes Around Camp : Dinosaur - AKMU :
"When I was young, I dreamed about a dinosaur.."

- From : Ivan Lillis
Tunes Around Camp
Dinosaur - AKMU
This week's music suggestion was submitted by our very own Minji Kwon. I would like to thank her for making this weeks blog possible. Remember if you'd like to submit a song for a review send them to myself Ivan Lillis.

I will be reviewing Dinosaur from the K-Pop group AKMU. The link will be posted below if you'd like to listen as well.

To begin off the song has a nice calming but up-beat tempo to it, which in a way makes the song catchy to the ear and engage you for listening. However don't let that fool you as the translation for the song seems to me as if this person as a kid use to have bad dreams about a dinosaur. I myslef an a fan of K-pop and surely would reccommend this song, even if you only enjoy K-Pop for the beat.

PS: The Social Media Team is accepting applications if you'd enjoy doing something fun like this. Check out the Social Media club for the application + requirements.
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