Tunes Around Camp : Black & White - Todrick Hall Ft Superfruit  :
Hey dreamer, why you gotta dream so big?

- From : Ivan Lillis
Tunes Around Camp
Black & White - Todrick Hall Ft. Superfruit
Hello Campers! This weeks song review will be a little different instead of just myself reviewing the song chosen by our very own Elliott Lockwood, our very own Ivy Lakes will do reviewing as well.

To begin the review on the song Black & White we will start with what Ivy had to say about the song. "The song is visually stunning, all the choreography, the lyrics. This is empowering and something we should all listen to. Made me happy when I listened to it, I honestly relate to most of the words spoken."

I do have to agree with Ivy the choreography is wonderful and it is a very upbeat song. I do sense a wonderful message through the song as well, something every should listen to yes.

PS: The Social Media Team is accepting applications if you'd enjoy doing something fun like this. Check out the Social Media club for the application + requirements. Also if you'd like to submit a song for the blog feel free to send myself a PM.
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