How To Fall In Love: Stalk the Person..?
Edition #001

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This idea isn't probably the brightest, but is anything coming from Mauricio Huerta the actual "brightest"? What am I talking about? Well, I've decided that life is definitely hard and we could all use some advice on different things. I've gotten Mauricio, the currently Security Master at the camp giving some advice on how to fall in love with someone.

Now, personally I don't agree that the first suggestion is the safest method unless you want to get pepper sprayed or attacked, but maybe what he has to say is quite like I'll do with everyone in this series, let's give him a chance to say what he has to say:


"Everyone could use some love advice in their life, and what better person to provide it other than me?!

1. Stalking - Trust me this method works absolutely perfectly, it allows you to watch from a distance, and gain the confidence to talk to the person. It also goes to show love at first sight, because once you see them they are always on your mind. Thus watching them relaxes you and works quite well to do so. It brings peace of mind knowing they are safe, and not in harm's way, with no monsters nearby. It also provides you with the opportunity to learn more about them, what they enjoy doing, and their daily schedule. You can learn a lot about someone by following in their shadow for a day. I should know it worked perfectly for me, I mean what.

2. No Arguments - Communication is greatly needed within a relationship to work. To talk things through things when conflict arises. Of course, there will always be heated moments, but it is most important to remember you both love each other. Though turning the other person into a ferret is a great way to handle problems if you have that option. Just bippity boppity boo your love is now a ferret, perfect solution! Then no arguing, just cuddling a cute little ferret who is also your partner, but that is beside the point.

3. Spoiling - No money does not bring happiness, but what does bring happiness is being with the person you love. Making them happy, seeing them smile, hearing them laugh, and knowing you contributed to that. When you give a gift, it does not have to be materialistic, instead, it can be merely spending time with the one you love. Showing them you are always there for them. It is after all the thought that counts, diamond earrings can be lost or stolen, but the way you made someone feel lasts an eternity. It can something simple, a compliment, a piece of art (in any form), or a lasting memory.

I love you Cece, my world. Now hopefully this helps you find that special someone too!"


Andd that is how my little sister, Cecelia, ended up becoming a Huerta. Go try this tatic kids, it might work for you and then you'll be as many couple goals as Mauricio and his beautiful wife.

Justin Angelo
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