Class Debrief

Have you ever wondered which classes to take but wanted to know more? Well, here you are.  Each week we will look at a different class offered at Camp Half-Blood. 

Today's class is Greek and Roman Heroes

Hello, future heroes demigods! It’s another class debrief coming your way. Have you ever heard of the great heroes Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, or Annabeth Chase? Perhaps you’ve aspired to slay Medusa, like Perseus? Defeat the Cretan bull, like Heracles (who also did a great number of things)?



Well, to be a hero, you’ve got to learn about them too! The stories of the demigod heroes that came before us pave the way for our own future. Their struggles and their ways of solving all those common demigods issues can teach us so much! They’re the legends we aspire to be- so of course, it doesn’t hurt to learn about them!

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about Greek and Roman Heroes, the class! It’s a class so interesting, you’ll be at the edge of your seat for weeks on end. Don’t even worry for a second, demigods- if you don’t like essays, there’s always something different in the lesson plan every week.

The class is taught by the rather reserved, but still exciting, water-spouting son of Poseidon, Liam Grimrose!




Now, he might not be grim as his name suggest, but instead, he has a whole lot of interesting lessons to keep you busy. For example, why write an essay (the essays are still fun though) when you can hang out with owls?

Felicity Rosier, a recently graduated camper graciously provided me with her opinion on the class:

"Greek and Roman Heroes is a fun class that I would definitely recommend! It's fun, engaging, and interesting in my opinion, and besides, who wouldn't want to build an empire or play water ballon tag all in the name of learning?"
-Felicity Rosier

Couldn’t have put it better myself, Felicity! So you won’t want to miss out, campers! Take Greek and Roman Heroes!



Written by Avyn Prose