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Topic of the Week: Capture the Flag

written by
Haden Mclean

Hey there! I’m Haden Mclean and welcome to this weeks issue of Topic of the Week!

The topic for today is Capture the Flag! Capture the flag is one of the many fun and interesting activities here at camp! Have you ever participated? If you have you would agree to how amazing it is! If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Join one next time you have the chance.

Seasons: Capture the flag isn’t a daily play whenever you want type of game. That’s what makes it so unique when the season has started. It also had specific times when it starts. So, you better be awake and ready to get your spot! Make sure to check capture the flag under Camp Half-Blood to know when the next one is!


Cluster? Or for fun? If you haven’t noticed, there’s different types of Capture the Flag. You can participate in RPG Capture the Flag games, where you'll get to roleplay as your character in a match. Or you can fight for your cluster in a trivia-style game of Capture the Flag. Both are equally fun in their own ways!

Reader of the Week

Reader of the Week

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How do I join?To join the next capture the flag game, you can get hold of the person who is over your clusters Capture the Flag team. Each cluster has a captain, but if you don't know who it is you can always ask your Head of Cluster. And then you’ll have to wait for it to start. Don't forget to follow the rules!

Well, that’s all I have for Capture the Flag! Stay tuned for next week’s Topic of the Week! Have a good week and this is Haden Mclean signing out!

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