Flower Power

You might be wondering who I am, and why this blog has appeared on your screen. My name is Phythia Peony, and I am the best child of Aphrodite. Of course, others would likely say otherwise, but just do not listen to them. Listen to me instead! Anyways, being a child of Aphrodite comes with many perks. For one my beauty is drop-dead gorgeous, although that has nothing to do with my mother. Aphrodite children aren't just shallow and all about their looks, except me I am but can you blame me?! I mean look at me! So I am getting a tad off-topic, one of the perks is being able to make a flower bloom. In this bi-weekly blog, we shall take a closer look at flowers. Their beauty, their purpose, and of course appreciate the many different kinds. If you would like to learn about any other flowers, send me an Iris Message.
Basket of gold
This week's flower is known as Basket of Gold, imagine my disappointment when it wasn't literal gold. There are a few other names for this flower which all have to do with gold in some way. Such as there is golden alison, gold dust, or golden alyssum. I think the most fitting name for it would be Rock Madwort, but that's just my opinion. This flower is yellow which is likely why many call it golden colored, but that is evident by how few have seen gold. As gold is more sparkly and shiny this flower is anything but. If you get into what it could symbolize you could look into the name's meaning. Alyssum is taken from Greek words, where the "a" means without, then lyssum means rage. So put together it could mean golden without rage, but obviously means not a flower of Zeus or Ares. The flower can make any garden really stand out with a bright appeal. Though you wouldn't really need to buy it you could easily find it on the side of a cliff at times. They typically last all spring and summer if you care for them well, but they do need a sunny environment to thrive in. As for the meaning the flower sprouts up in the most unlikely of places, it defies all that science stuff that is learned about. The side of a cliff? sure. In some tiny small crack in the middle of nowhere? yep. This isn't a plant that cares what others think it is bright and ready to brighten everyone's day.
Phythia Peony