Percy Jackson Quiz - The World of Olympians Edition

Yes that title is quite the mouthful but the title also covers evertyhing too. It is time to test your knowledge! How well do you know World of Olympians? It is about time to see for this Percy Jackson Quiz - The World of Olympians Edition, will do just that. You might be wondering what does Percy Jackson have to do with this quiz. Think of it like a fun game where the Percy Jackson Universe met a site, and then somehow through fire and chaos you have us here today. So basically it is a quiz about World of Olympians but surrounds the Percy Jackson universe, given we are that universe. So strap your brain in, and put your thinking cap on. The time has come to test your knowlegde, hope you are ready! Answer within the comments what your response would be, and get a little special treat if you do! Looking forward to seeing the intellect of the campers, as everyone on site is so smart. Now it is time to show your smartness off. Plus having fun as well for you get the chance to learn about others too. Welcome to our third quiz, and we hope you enjoy the test of knowledge!

Q1: Where do you find the riddles on site?

A. Northern Hills
B. Southern Hills
C. Western Hills
D. Eastern Hills

Q2: Who has been management on site the longest?

A. Alec Stanford
B. Ayalin Igleneisa
C. Arianna Smith
D. Cessair Conaghan

Q3: What is Cessair's favorite chat game to play?

A. I need to clean my chest
B. Eye Spy
C. Wrong Answers Only
D. Trust

Q4: How many topic locations are there in Camp Half-Blood?

A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. 15

Q5: What day are Capture the Flag Games played?

A. Thursday
B. Friday
C. Saturday
D. Sunday

Q6: Where do you go if you need to see if something is allowed? (more than one answer correct)

A. The Rules
B. Your Pets Page
C. The Guidelines
D. The Random Topic You Saw on the Map

What is your favorite thing to do on site?

Short Answer Response....

What is your favorite class?

Short Answer Response....

What is your favorite article?

Short Answer Response....

What is your favorite item in the shops?

Short Answer Response....

What is your favorite power or ability you have?

Short Answer Response....

How many items are there on site?

Short Answer Response....

These are more difficult questions but let's see who has the braincell that we all seem to share as a collective whole.

Rick Riordan has said demigods do not live pass the age of ______ but on WoO demigods can live how long _____? A _____ is a child of a demigod, but which camp are they actually known from? In the series can mermaids actually walk on land? What pets do we have on site that are not canonically part of camp? What really happens if a demigod touches a form of technology? How is Capture the Flag different on site than in the series?