Class Debrief

Have you ever wondered which classes to take but wanted to know more? Well, here you are.  Each week we will look at a different class offered at Camp Half-Blood. 

Our first class is Survival


As you may know, survival for demigods is much harder than survival for mortals. Demigods can’t use phones very often, because it acts as a signal for monsters. Speaking of monsters, they can also smell the scent of a demigod. Aside from monsters, we also tend to go on dangerous quests on our own. Quests can lead us to anywhere, such as the middle of the ocean, or in a rainforest! Those don’t exactly have fast-food chains or hotels around every corner. 


So you’re a demigod, forced to run from what seems like an endless line of monsters, completely lost, and out in the wilderness. What do you do?


This seemingly complicated question actually has an easy answer! Allow me to introduce you to Basic Survival, taught by the Mist-controlling, magic-wielding daughter of Hecate, Adeline Rome.




Adeline Rome’s got every detail of survival covered - food, water, shelter, sea survival, wars, tools, godly powers, and so much more! With this course, you will struggle less and thrive more as you journey through your next quest! Every possible scenario you’d experience is covered through 70 entertaining, fascinating, and interesting lessons. The homework is fun, I promise. You’ll get to work through problems on your own and do your own bit of thinking about survival.


WHERE: If you take a stroll down to Euros Creek, you’ll see a lovely clearing at the edge of the woods. The center contains a large tree stump for the instructor to sit on, and it is surrounded by various rocks and boulders for the students to sit on. After all, you will be learning how to survive outside! Sometimes, the class takes in the Basic Survival cabin - filled with a window to view the rest of camp, and the setup of a normal classroom.



I sincerely hope all demigods choose to take this course. After all, it could make all the difference in your life. Good luck, demigods.



Written by Avyn Prose